Hair Care Tips For Mums

Something us Mums rarely think about while we are pregnant with our little ones is some of the things we have to go through after we have given birth to them. Hair loss in women after giving birth is very common. Some women may lose their hair bit by bit, others may lose huge clumps, and some others may just lose some strands here and there. But any kind of hair loss can be disheartening and may put your confidence down a little. For many women, hair is a big thing. It's something that makes us 'us'. Here are some tips to take care of your hair during and after pregnancy:

Avoid hairstyles that are too tight - so this can mean tight pony tails, tight plaits or any other hairstyle that are tight for your hair. Making sure your hair isn't too tight for too many hours during the day will help your hair strength.

Eat healthy - making sure you eat the right foods can help boost your hair strength. You might see and feel the difference in your hair by eating a good healthy balanced diet. It's important to make sure you eat the right foods and make sure you get the right vitamins and nutrients.

Use volumising shampoo - This may not prevent hair loss completely, but by using volumising shampoo and conditioner, it may help give your hair that bounce boost by making it feel fuller and thicker. 

Avoid too much brushing - Try your best not to brush or play with your too much during the day as this will make it weaker and more likely to fall out more. Try and keep it to twice a day, and if you do need to brush more, do it gently. 

In order to keep your hair healthy, fuller and stronger is to try not to mess around with it too much. Get a reasonable hairstyle that is not too tight and make sure you wash your hair on a regular basis and eat a healthy balanced diet too. It's important to get the right vitamins into your body, that will help your hair improve.

* This is a collaborative post.

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