Singing Gummy Bear

If you're a parent and have never heard of the singing Gummy Bear, where have you been? It's this adorable looking bear that sings the most catchy song 'I'm a Gummy Bear'. My girls and Freddie absolutely love the song and are forever singing it when they hear it. Elliw, my second daughter is the biggest fan, and she loved the plush when she received the pack of goodies the other week.

The plush is from Posh Paws who I absolutely love. I have done a few reviews for them in the past, and I've never been disappointed by their items. They're always fantastic high-quality plushes, and this Gummy Bear is exactly that, high quality. Not only high quality but super soft and super cuddly too. If you press the bear's hand where it says 'Try Me' it sings the classic Gummy Bear song that I'm sure your child will love and dance around too, just like mine did.

This product retails at £21.99, and you can purchase from Amazon here.

* We received this item for the purpose of this review.
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