Learning Resources Bright Basics Pull Along Tractor Review

Firstly, anyone who knows my little boy, Freddie, knows that he is obsessed with tractors. We have many toy boxes in our home, and I guarantee you will find more than one tractor in each box. So when Freddie was sent this Pull Along Tractor from Learning Resources to review, I'm sure you can only imagine his excitement. He literally jamp up and down and was so excited for me to open it up for him. I've always been a big fan of Learning Resources products. I find their products great for children of all ages as they help with learning new things and help their development.

This Bright Basics Pull Along Tractor is great to help improve their development skills. Along with the tractor, comes a Cow, Pig, Dog and a Chicken. The chicken sits in the tractor seat, and it can be easily put to sit or pull out. Each animal hooks together, nose to tail that is great for helping your little one learn new skills. Freddie loved concentrating to hook each animal on and off each other.

Each animal has 4 sets of wheels which make them easy to pull along with the long piece of string that is in front of the tractor. In total, it measures roughly 70cm! Freddie loves pulling the tractor around the house with him, from one room to the other. This set is high quality and a toy that will definitely be loved by little ones who love farm animals and tractors. I'm sure your little one will have hours of fun with this toy, just like Freddie has and still does.

* We were gifted this item in return for an honest review.
All words, images and opinions are our own.

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