PJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Toy Range

PJ Masks has always been one of the favourite programmes in this house. The kids have always loved watching the superheroes save the night. Even the PJ Masks theme tune gets stuck in my head, it's super catchy, isn't it? The girls were super lucky that they were sent some amazing toys to test out recently. I'm sure you can imagine the excitement when they were sent their box of goodies. Here is a full list and some details about each toy that they received.

Firstly, the PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket. This has been a firm favourite since they received all the goodies. Included with the rocket is Gekko, dressed in his Super Moon space suit, with a vehicle too. Gekko has poseable arms and legs, which is great for him to properly ride his Space Rover vehicle, but also great for imaginative play. They rocket plays real rocket sounds when you press the red button, not only that but it also flashes lights too.

There's space for three PJ Maks in the cockpit but be sure they are the correct size (7.5cm figures). There are foldable legs on the rocket, once folded you can hold the handle and fly it up like a real rocket. This is great for imaginative play, and I'm sure your child will have hours of fun, just like the girls have.

PJ Masks Misson Control HQ Playset was another toy the girls received. This playset comes with Catboy and Romeo, with poseable arms and legs, which again, like above, make it great for imaginative play. There are three levels in this playset, and there's something fun to do on each level. There's a secret trap door, lightning bolt cage and you can plan a PJ Masks missions with the light and sounds control panel. The sounds control panel plays phrases from the show that your PJ Masks fans will recognise and love. There's so much fun to be had with this playset, and I'm sure it will be a firm favourite for all PJ Masks fans.

We were also sent some vehicles and figures. One of these were the PJ Masks Speed Booster Vehicle & Figure sets. There are one each for each character, Gekko, Catboy and Owlette. Your child will get hours of fun with these. Bring a friend and have a race. There are 12 characters to collect and they're great for imaginative play. Another great figure and vehicle set from the PJ Masks Toy range is the PJ Masks Super Moon Space Rover Vehicle. The PJ Masks characters are dressed up with a space helmet, perfect addition to the HQ Rocket. These characters have poseable arms and legs and along with the character and vehicle, comes an accessory too.

Last but not least is the PJ Masks Figure Deluxe Set. This set includes all the PJ Masks characters and a few accessories. To be exact, there are 12 figures and 4 accessories. Not only the characters but also the characters animal pet friends. They all stand at 7.5 cm tall and all come with poseable arms and legs.

If you know a PJ Masks fan, why not join in with the Twitter Party that is on Wednesday, 17th of October at 1pm until 3pm. There will be lots of fun and jam-packed with activities and PJ Masks chat! Hope to see you there. Remember to use the hashtag #PJMasksToys.

All PJ Masks toys available from all good toys stores and very.co.uk

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