Saving Space While Adding More Seats

Are you suffering at the hands of a lack of space? Do you want to add more seats to your living room or dining area yet you simply don’t have the space to do so? We know how you feel! But, it is not all doom and gloom; there are some clever tricks and tips you can use to add more seats to a room without taking up too much space. Read on to discover all you need to know:

Buy fold-up chairs – One of the easiest methods you can use to fix this issue is to buy fold-up chairs. By doing this, you can bring out the added chairs you need whenever you have guests, ensuring everyone has somewhere to sit. However, when the chairs are not needed, you can fold them up and put them in storage, so they don’t influence the appearance of your living or dining area.

Re-arrange the furniture in the room – More often than not, the layout of the room and placement of the furniture is the main detriment to the space. By playing around with your furniture, it is likely that you will be able to find a way to create some more space and make the room appear bigger. However, don’t just start picking up things and moving them about! Have a plan in place for the various layouts you can try.

Add casual seating options – Another way to add extra seating without taking up a lot of space is to look for casual seating options, such as the Pumpkin stool, which is featured below. These Fishpool stools are a great way of creating more places for people for sit without making the room look cramped. They are especially beneficial if you have children, and the large stool could fit more than one person on. Other casual seating options include the likes of beanbags.

Swap your bulky sofas for small-scale furniture – If you have a small room, one of the most effective ways to incorporate more seating is to ditch the bulky armchairs and full-size sofas, and opt for small-scale furniture instead, such as chairs, loveseats and small sofas. You may also need to downsize your accessories and other elements so everything is in scale. Poster display frames work well and other wall adornments because they free up floor space.

Add a window seat – There are particular corners of your home that you probably do not realise could be used for seating purposes. A window ledge with a small bench running along of it is one of the best ways to add more seats without taking up any more space. Not to mention, it looks pretty cool too!

Be careful with your colour selection – Last but not least, by using colours with care you can create the illusion of more space, which is ideal if you are planning to add more seats to the room. Neutrals and light colours are perfect as well as patterns that draw the eye vertically.

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