5 Things To Do In Your Back Yard with Kids

Kids at any age can get easily bored indoors, as there's only so much they can do to entertain themselves. Going outside doesn't mean you have to travel far, you can do so many things in your own back garden that will keep them entertained, but not only entertained but you can also do a lot of educational activities too. So while they're enjoying themselves, they're learning too. 

Here are 5 things you can do with the kids in your very own back garden:

Rock Painting has been a hugely popular activity this year. Why not gather some rocks/large stones and start painting them with child-friendly paint. You also won't have to worry so much about the paint going everywhere either - let them have fun with messy play! 

Build your own fairy garden in your very own back garden. Find a medium-large sized plant pot and fill it up with soil. Feel free to plant some colourful flowers to make it look pretty, then add some rocks, leaves, little house and whatever else you think that will make a lovely fairy garden.

Host your very own sports day in your back garden. This will be super fun for anyone who loves a good old competition, but also something to have good fun too. Grab some skipping ropes, football and any other garden toys that would be great for a fun sports day.

Plant your own vegetables in your garden is great fun for the kids. Most kids love planting and watching their flowers or vegetables growing. They will be super pleased once their vegetables have grown and able to cook/eat them. This also may encourage them to eat more vegatables.

Bird feeding and watching is very interesting for most kids (and adults). Having a bird feeder in your garden can help birds during the winter season and throughout the year. Trago have made a useful infographic that will help you understand how different wild birds feed and how you can help them survive this season:

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