Embracing Country Charm in Your Suburban Home

You may dream of a quaint cottage complete with a farmhouse kitchen and rose garden – in reality, you live in a suburban home that lacks character and charm. However, you don’t have to live in an idyllic home in the English countryside to embrace country style.
An elegant and sophisticated choice for any home, you can create a rustic country-inspired interior no matter where you live. Whether you dream of a working farm style, or an elevated country manor, here is how you can embrace the countryside in your décor.

Fake and Recreate
Country homes tend to be steeped in history, from thatched rooves to period features. If you live in a more modern property, you may be unsure how to achieve this look with even surfaces, walls and brickwork.
The key here is to fake it. You could do this by installing beams on the ceiling, adding stone to the fireplace for old fashioned charm, putting up wooden panelling on a feature wall, or polishing and staining wooden floors for a country effect.

Ambient Lighting
It’s no secret that lighting can create a softer and welcoming ambience in any room. However, for a country inspired interior, lighting is an important element and when done right, can make your home feel warm and cosy.
You could select a classic brass-coloured chandelier with candle-effect bulbs, add a country-estate feel with a faux antler pendant, or choose a nature inspired twig or branch design.

Fixtures are Essential
The fixtures and fittings within a home can help to set the overall tone of the décor, from modern and minimalist to charming and traditional. As such, upgrading or switching the fixtures could help you achieve a country feel.
This may include changing your bath for a free-standing tub, upgrading taps to brass, replacing a modern sink with a farmhouse style one, or installing a woodburning stove in your living room.

Country Feel Furniture
While accessories can be used to complete a room, the furniture tends to be one of the most defining features of any interior. For country décor, this means selecting items that reflect an effortless country style.
From a traditional and timeless wardrobe or carved bedframe, to a rustic dining table or raw wooden coffee table, choose investment pieces and let your furniture do the talking.

Embracing the country charm in your home can be easier than you think. Follow these tips to turn your suburban semi into a character-filled cottage.

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