50 Outdoor Activities For Kids

The weather hasn't been all that great recently, but that shouldn't stop us going outside for walks or stop letting the kids go out and explore. It's always good to have a bit of fresh outdoor air on a daily basis. Not only that, but it's always good to have some physical activities on a daily basis too. Not everyone is keen going out in the rain, but you needn't worry if you wrap yourselves up with waterproof clothing and shoes. If you want extra dryness, Susino have a great range of good-quality umbrellas for all ages. The girls especially love their patterned umbrellas.

Here are 50 outdoor activities you can do rain or shine:

• Build a den in the forest or local park
• Jump in puddles
• Play football
• Go fishing or crabbing
• Visit the beach
• Play with a mud kitchen
• Host your own sports day
• Outdoor picnic
• Play in a sandbox
• Chalk the floors and walls
• Run through water sprinklers
• Paint rocks
• Find some of your favourite animals
• Have a walk
• Wash the car
• Dig the dirt
• Go on a scavenger hunt
• Collect leaves and do some leaf painting
• Go on a treasure hunt
• Look for some shapes in the cloud
• Go on a bike ride or teach your child how to ride a bike
• Shadow drawing
• Bug hunting
• Messy play (painting)
• Plant flowers or vegetables
• Make your own bubbles
• Make an outdoor road for toy cars and trucks
• Use bottles or empty cans for backyard bowling
• Find pinecones and paint with them
• Stick race in the river
• Make a crown out of leaves, grass etc
• Collect leaves and make a leaf garland
• Build a fairy house with sticks and leaves
• Make bird feeders
• Let the kids capture some outdoor photos
• Take some paper and put leaves and bark under the paper and draw on top (Leaf rubbings)
• Chase the waves on the beach
• Play classic games: What time is it Mr Wolf/Hide and Seek etc
• Water fights
• Make mud pies
• Make your own boat and let it float in the river
• Measure the rain with your own rain gauge
• Fly a kite
• Go for a forest walk
• Make an outdoor scrapbook and stick all your findings in there
• Make a fairy garden
• Outdoor tea party
• Water the garden (if it's not raining)

So there you have it, 50 activities the kids can do whether it's rain or shine.

What's your favourite thing to do outdoors?

* We were kindly gifted umbrellas from Susino in return for a feature.
All words, opinions and images are our own.

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