Family Photography... Fun Alternatives To Capturing Memories On Our Phones

(Image taken by Nousha)

Capturing memories might seem easier than ever before with the phone-crazy world we live in today. However, capturing all our family moments on our phones can easily lead to them getting lost amongst the chaos of our camera rolls and social media feeds.

Having access to photos in physical form, as well as digital, is therefore far more reliable and somehow feels a lot more special.
It is therefore advisable to invest some time and money into family photography. Nousha specialise in family photography however don’t take the traditional ‘everyone stand in a line and smile’ approach… They aim to bring out the unique characters of all families to create photos full of life and laughter. Their photoshoots are guaranteed to be heaps of fun for all the family, even the oldies!

You may think that your family is simply just too busy to designate some time for family photography… However, once you’ve done a photoshoot or even just taken the time to get some of your phone pictures printed, you will realise the importance of doing so.

Having family photography in physical form means you could get creative and make scrapbooks or journals. You could do one album per year or one album for each family member. Either way, having memories captured in physical form is so important in such a fast-moving society where virtually everything is disposable.

Another way you could try your hand at family photography without going professional, is to invest in a polaroid camera. These days there are so many models and types of polaroid cameras available and they really don’t break the bank.
Polaroid cameras allow you to print off your images straight after capturing them. The images are usually in a square format and would look wonderful as a photo collage on a wall in your home.

Polaroid pictures are special because the limited photo paper means you have to be far more selective with the images you capture. Whereas with a phone you can snap any old thing like your breakfast... Every polaroid image is therefore guaranteed to have a special place in your heart.

If you are one of those people that thinks they will struggle to use anything but their phone for family photography, you could just make sure to store photos or print them off too.

An alternative way to keep memories so that they are not completely reliant on technology (which we all know can go horribly wrong) is to make a scrapbook or journal of all your social media posts. For example, if you are an avid Instagrammer, why not print your favourite posts to keep a physical collection too?

Family photography is a great way for parents to capture their children going through the stages of growing up *sob*, but it is also fun for children to be able to look back at how they are changing. We never stop evolving and changing, even as adults, and some of our life stages are a lot more amusing than others! Having all of these captured and in scrapbooks or albums around the house is a great way to make sure memories aren’t just hidden away in the abyss of your phone. 

* This is a collaborative post.

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