Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

No matter what kind of street you live in, unfortunately, the unexpected can happen anywhere and anytime. It's so important to make sure we keep our homes secure and safe. Homes with no security measures are more than likely to be burgled, and that's why it is so vital we prevent a burglary from happening by making sure our homes are secure and safe.

Make sure you have good strong windows and locks. This can help massively from someone breaking into your home. Talking about windows and locks, when you leave your home, make sure all your windows are locked and if you want them to be open, make sure they have a safety lock so they don't open as far out that someone can break in.

Good lighting outside your home can prevent a break in and help keep your home secure. You can buy lights that automatically come on when there is movement nearby. This can alert you if you're inside the home and also alert neighbours nearby too.

Keep your keys away from sight near any doors and windows. Devices can be used to hook keys nearby, through the letterbox, so it's vital you keep them out of sight by either keeping them in a draw inside your home or on a key wall hook out of sight.

To make your home extra secure is to add security cameras. Time2technology have a range of indoor and outdoor security cameras. They currently have three new security cameras called Sophia, Oscar and Olivia, for an extra touch to your home. Having a camera installed inside and outside your home will also help prevent any burglaries from happening, and if they do, it will help identify the burglar.

Fencing can be a good idea to help secure your home. Fencing is also good for privacy, but to keep it secure you must make sure it's in good and strong condition. For extra safety, you could add some spikes on top of your fencing, but it's best to make sure you have tall fencing for that.

If you are planning on going away, be sure to arrange with a neighbour or a trusted friend/family member to keep an eye on your home by checking it every other day or keep an eye out for any strange activities.

You might need to change your doors if they are glass. It's recommended to change glass doors to laminate stronger quality doors to prevent any kind of burglary. Glass doors can easily be smashed and an easy way for an intruder to enter your home.

* This is a collaborative post.

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