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I'm one of those people who always has a camera on them when I visit family members home or going out for an outdoor adventure. Wherever I am, a camera is always there for me to capture as many memories as I can. As I've mentioned previously on my blog before, I personally think it's so important to capture as many days out, adventures, activities or random ol' selfies, as you can. Photos are always lovely and special to look back on.

It's also extra special being able to re-tell stories from the photos, and kids are always fascinated by finding out what a picture is all about. It's also special showing them photos of family members they sadly never got to meet. That's why to me, capturing as many memories as you can, is so important. Back in the days, all photos used to be printed out pretty much straight away once the film was full. These days you find photos on laptops, memory cards or your phones, and it's one of the reasons why photo gifts are so sentimental and special. 

If you are thinking to give someone a special gift this Christmas or any other special occasion here are a few ideas:

Photo Books are a lovely sentimental gift. As said above, not many of us print photos out these days. A photo book is a modern way of a photo album. With most photo books, you can decorate and add some personality with different backgrounds, images and adding some words too. You can also personalise photo books which make it that extra special and sentimental. 

Canvases are a good choice for a photo gift for that someone special. There are different sizes too choose from and Tesco Photos have a great range of great quality canvases. You can choose what kind of style you would like, from Retro, Gallery, Collage and many more. Bring those photos to life by blowing it up on a canvas to put on the wall. 

Photo Mugs are a popular choice of photo gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. You can add a photo of the kids for the grandparents, or a special photo of yourself and a friend for a friend, the list is endless. Again, photo mugs can be personalised, and they're a great affordable gift for all occasions.

Cushions and Throws are another popular choice as they're affordable and also a lovely gift for someone. They're a bit different from your usual photo frames, mugs and books, they're also a great addition to the home.  

What's your favourite photo gift?

* I was gifted a canvas in return for an honest feature.
All words, opinions and images are my own. 

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  1. Photo gifts are indeed great. I like photo books. We can remember each and every moment and make them special for us.


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