Tiny Treasures Doll Review

We were recently sent a Tiny Treasures Baby Girl doll to review. Having three children, we've had many kinds of different baby dolls through the 9 years, but I have to admit that Tiny Treasure dolls have been by far the most adorable real-life looking baby dolls out there. The Tiny Treasure doll comes in a car seat strapped box that your child can re-use over and over again if they wish. The doll is also dressed in corded soft dungarees and hat with little ears on top.

There are two kinds of Tiny Treasures to choose from: Baby Girl and Baby Boy. We have the Baby Girl Tiny Treasure doll which is dressed in the pink corded dungarees with the adorable hat. She has gorgeous thick and soft blonde hair underneath the hat and shockingly, weighs a good weight. In fact, the doll weighs over 2 pounds, which is a fairly good weight and size for little ones. But saying that, she is the ideal size for little people too. Although the doll is a good weight, her body is floppy, just like a newborn. She also has facial features and soft hair like a newborn too.

The doll also comes with its own birth certificate where you can name her. She also has a wristband like every newborn baby has when they're born. It will definitely make her extra special for your child. Something I noticed too was that the baby doll has a soft scent of baby powder, just like a real-life newborn, you know? That gorgeous soft newborn smell that we all love in those first few weeks.

Tiny Treasures have a great range of doll accessories to choose from for the baby dolls. There are also different kinds of baby dolls to choose from too. They retail at £39.99, and I personally feel that is a good price for the quality and weight/size of the doll.

Tiny Treasure Baby Girl available to buy in Argos

- I was gifted this item in return for an honest review.
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  1. We brought this dolls. For Eden for Christmas and I think it's amazing! X


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