Family Garden Ideas: Tips For Making Your Garden Beautiful And Child-Friendly

When you become a parent, there is no choice but to let any perfectionist side of your personality go.

Children are wonderful and life would be unimaginable without them, but my god are they messy!

Whereas in your home you might have a small number of “rules”, a family garden has to be a place where children can be as messy and adventurous as their little hearts wish. It’s important to relax your expectations to some extent. You shouldn’t limit their play by trying to enforce a standard you once had for what you want your garden to look like.

Despite this, there are a number of family garden ideas to try and make your garden an area that adults and children can enjoy together.

Lawn care

The most important of these family garden ideas has to be the lawn care. The lawn should be the main feature of every family garden. Whether your family is dominated by boys (or girls) who are desperate to play a game of football or not, having a reasonable sized lawn is important. A lawn provides a safe environment for any type of play as if your child is to fall, there definitely wouldn’t be any serious injuries!

As well as the lawn being important for children to play, it contributes to the overall look and feel of your garden… if it is looked after! Greensleeves offer year-round lawn treatments to keep your grass in good health no matter the weather. Their services are very affordable and are completely family-friendly too. As a parent, using professional lawn treatments might be worrying, especially if your children love the outdoors. However with Greensleeves, you don’t have to worry, the lawn treatments are all safe for children.

Safety first

Although it might be tempting and look beautiful to have a modern multi-levelled masterpiece for a garden, made from concrete or lovely coloured wood… it’s not one of the feasible family garden ideas. You don’t want to have to worry about your children cracking their heads open every time they step outside.

You should try to create a garden that is pleasing to the eye but is mostly made up of softer aspects like grass, bark or sand. For peace of mind, making sure that your garden has no escape routes for little ones or more importantly, ways for intruders to get in. Also, don’t incorporate a lovely little pond, just don’t. Children can drown in inches of water so it is not worth the risk for the sake of appearances.

By prioritising these things, you can let your kiddies play outside with complete confidence and ease while you tackle your huge to-do list!

Different zones

One way that you could make sure that the adults have at least a small area of the garden left in a reasonably tidy and relaxing state, is to create different zones of the garden. This idea is a great contender in the best family garden ideas because it can be super easy to do. You could leave the lawn for the kids and create a decking or tiled area for the adults.

A great way to make the garden suitable for you as well as your kids is to add a fire pit or some comfy garden furniture so you can enjoy a glass of wine with friends while the kids play in a safe space.
If there aren’t any kids in the picture, when it comes to planting flowers and vegetables, your opportunities are endless. However when it comes to family garden ideas, you have to be a bit more careful what you’re planting and where you’re planting it!

You could have a go at creating a sensory garden area for your children. To do this, try to incorporate different colours, textures and smells when planting. You could even plant a variety of herbs so that children can investigate different tastes.

It is a great family activity to plant a range of vegetables and then measure their gradual growth with children. Then when they’re ready to use, children will no doubt want to help harvest, cook and most of all eat them! It’s a win-win for parents if you can get your children more willing to eat their greens.

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