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I am always on the look for new apps to download on my phone. We all have our personal favourites, whether it's a social media app, photo editing, a game app etc. There are 1000s of apps to choose from and I'm one of those people who's phone is full of social media related apps. I also love reading the news, editing photos and doing a bit of online shopping. But out of all the apps I have on my phone, here's a list of apps I can recommend you to have on your phone:

This social media app is probably one of the most popular apps to download on your phone. From connecting to friends and family, nearby and far, it's a great social network to socialize. You can use Facebook to update your status, letting people know what you're up too, sharing photos, chat via Messenger and the list goes on.

A VPN app is great to have on your phone. It's a service that many different providers offer such as Cyberghost, ExpressVPN etc. For example: The US Netflix has a lot more shows and films, you could get access to the US Netflix while you are in the UK. The VPN app for Netflix will make it seem like you are in the US so you will get their shows and films. Here is a beginners guide to understand what VPN is.

Instagram is a fast growing social media that is another great way to catch up with other people. Slightly different than Facebook, Instagram is an app that you share your photos and you can engage with others by liking and commenting on their photos or Private messaging them.

If you're a fan of editing photos, Lightroom is a great app to do that. You can buy some pre-made edits from places such as Etsy. It's affordable and it's a great way to lighten up any photos you have taken if they are too dark.

I am a big fan of Amazon and I always download the Amazon app to my phone. It's much easier to browse through and saving your Wish List. You can get notifications through to your phone when there are some good deals and it's handy when there's a birthday or special occasion coming up.

Online Banking
Most banks these days have online banking and if yours do, I would recommend you download their app on your phone. It's a great way to manage finances, make standing orders/transfers etc. It's a great way to check your balance too instead of going to the cashpoint.

If you're someone who travels by train a lot, I would personally recommend this app, Trainline. It's great for checking out what times the trains will arrive and leave, as well as booking your train travels.

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