Treborth Coastal Forest Path | North Wales

A few weeks ago we decided to go for a last-minute walk. We ended up walking a Forest path in Treborth. It's a walk I haven't done in years and I was gutted Mia wasn't with us. She was in her Dad's but we had the youngest two with us. As the path isn't all that smooth, I advised Elliw not take her bike and she was happy with it. We let Freddie take his balance bike as he just thrives on any bumpy tracks, so he was in his glory on the walk.

It wasn't a very long walk but it did feel like it on the way there. We ended up just under the Britannia Bridge and no words could describe how stunning it was. I managed to take a few photos but seeing it in person was the best way to really appreciate it. Elliw was amazed that the bridge was so big, but Freddie had no care in the world - who would at 2.5 years old?!

If you ever get the chance to visit North Wales, I would most definitely recommend this Coastal Forest Path in Treborth. Such beautiful grounds and stunning scenery you won't regret it.

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