My Make Up Routine

As a busy working Mam of three, I do struggle to find the time to wear make up, but also I've stopped wearing make up to help my skin improve too. Saying that I still like to pamper myself up now and then, especially if I'm heading off out for a special occasion with my partner, family or friends. I always enjoy learning about new beauty products and something I'm keen on right now is learning about the best primers on the market today as there are so many around these days. It can be a pain adding an extra layer before your make up and after your moisturiser, but primer does have its benefits. The benefits of using primer before your make up is it helps make up last longer, even out the skin tone and also smooths the skin surface as it makes an extra layer between your skin and make up.

When I do get the chance to do my make up, I pretty much use the same old routine with the foundation, mascara etc. I have certain products I use all the time and recommend them. I struggle to change brands once I've fallen in love with one. But if you are interested in finding out my make up routine, carry on reading.

Firstly, I always use a moisturiser to moisture my skin. My skin can get quite dry overnight, so the moisturiser helps the dry skin. Afterwards, I will always use my BB Cream which is similar to a primer. The BB Cream adds a hint of colour on my face, which means I don't need to wear as much foundation.

The Foundation I use after the BB Cream is Boujours Paris. As said above, I don't wear a lot, but I wear enough for good coverage. After the foundation, I go on to contour and contouring is something I've learnt by watching YouTube make up videos. I love to use the Rimmel London highlighter cream concealer stick.

I will then move on to my brows and I use the affordable Rimmel London Brow This Way in a medium brown. It's super easy to apply and I can really recommend it. To end off, I use the Rimmel London mascara, which I rate so much. It adds so much volume onto your lashes.

What's your favourite make up piece?

- this is a collaborative post. 

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