Care for Your Tyres

We are a family who loves to pop in the car and have a drive around for our next adventure, whether it's a forest walk or just driving around our favourite places if the rain pours down (or if we are feeling a bit lazy!). But one important thing we always do to keep our car in tip-top shape is making sure the car tyres are in good condition. Especially if we are heading off for a week holiday, we always double check (sometimes triple check) the car tyres to make sure they are in good condition before driving down.

It's recommended that tyres should be replaced every 10 years, however, it's also recommended for a professional to check your tyres at least once a year. I thought I'd share my top tips on how to maintain your car tyres, and also how to keep them in good condition.

Check the tyre pressure
It's recommended that you check the tyre pressures at least once a month, as well as before and after long distance trips. If you're unsure what your tyre pressure max is, it should say in the car's manual.

Check tyre treads
Tyres have roughly 8-9mm of tread depth and as your tyre begins to wear down the tread will go down. It's important to check the tyre treads often and make sure the tread depth does not go under the legal measurement of 1.6mm. If the tread is below the legal tread depth, then you will need to replace your tyre. It's really important to make sure you check your tyre treads as it's very unsafe to drive on the road with treads under the minimum depth.

Check your tyres for damage/wear and tear
It's always good to get into a habit of making sure you have a good quick look at your tyres before heading off out on the road for any damages or any unusual wear and tear. If you are unsure, then there is no harm taking it in to see a professional for them to take a look. Most damaged tyres will need replacing. Which can be slightly pricey, but most definitely safer and a must do.

No overloading the car
Most tyres these days have a number inside to let you know how much weight they can hold. But it's not great for a car to be overloaded each/most day/s. Overloading a car can be quite dangerous at times and there's a chance you could lose control of the vehicle.

How often do you check your car tyres?

- This is a collaborative post. 

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