Essential Kids Party Ideas

Kids parties are always fun to organise and put together. Unlike a party for an adult, children’s parties can be super fun and you can almost go anything with them to fit their theme. Today we are taking a look at some of the amazing ideas you can bring to your child’s party this year to make it the best it can possibly be.

Fancy dress

Let’s start with the classic idea for any birthday party: fancy dress. As soon as you choose a fancy dress theme for your child you know you’ll be in for days and days of them trying to choose who they want to dress up as. Being able to dress up is something which children love to do and this will make the party feel super exciting from the get go. You can make a theme for dressing up such as superheroes or animals, or you can let it be a free for all and allow you children to do whatever they want!


Children have a broad imagination and they believe in things which we don't as adults. For a child, a magic show can be something totally new, unique and fun, and it will make them astounded and excited for hours. You can find magicians for hire from Alive Network and they will bring an element of surprise to your birthday party and this will make your guests feel like they have entered a whole new world.

Sports day

Children are active at heart and it is always fun for them to be able to run around, burn off some steam and pay games with their friends. This is why the ideal choice for a summer birthday party would be to set up a sports day in your garden or a local park for the day. You can place kids into teams and put them against each other so that they can try and be the best at every sport. Relay races, egg and spoon, sack race… all of the classics can be there and make a difference to the day.

Film night

If the day is a little rainy or your child’s birthday is in the winter, an outdoor party might not be the best option for you this year. Instead of this, you can think about hosting a film night for the kids and set up the living room as a cinema. Black out the curtains, bring in some blankets and snacks, and even have a little ice cream cart come in halfway through the movies for a treat! It can be a great way for winter children to still enjoy a fun night without the weather.

Beach party

And if your child is born in the height of summer, it would be ashame not to make the most of the theme of a beach. You can visit the beach if you like or simply setup a beach style party in your back garden. Have an ice cream stand and slush puppies, use a sand pit for playing in and break out the paddling pool for a summer fiesta!

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