Schleich Dinosaurs Review

Just a few weeks ago we were given the chance to review the Schleich Pony Training Set and it didn't disappoint. Still, up to this day, the kids are playing with it most days. We have been lucky enough again to now be setting a set of Dinosaur figures from Schleich and yet again, we were not disappointed. I was so pleased with the quality of these figures and the details are just amazing.

Dinosaurs have always been a top toy for most children and always an interest for collectors and children too. One of Schleich's most popular collections are the dinosaurs and as part of their Spring relaunch, they are adding the spiny-backed Animanatarx and the detailed winged Dimorphodon. These new figures will join Schleich's top selling classic Giganotosaurus.

These dinosaurs are aimed for 5-12 year olds and are great for collectors of all ages too. The details of these figures are amazing and the kids loved the fact that the mouths of the dinosaurs opened too. The most loved one was the Giganotosaurus, its amazing detail sure is impressive and it's a firm favourite.

Overall, every single one of these dinosaur figures have amazing details. Learning about dinosaurs is so fascinating, it's something I've always loved talking about and the kids have taken then interest to learn more about them since receiving these dinosaur figures to review too. They were also packaged well, great quality - worth the prices and I can most definitely recommend them.

If you're interested to know a few more details about the toys separately, carry on reading:

This is the Giganotosaurus and it retails at just £19.99. It's a very strong and fantastic quality toy. The details are just amazing. Not only does it look scary and realistic, but the mouth also opens too. I was surprised to learn that this dinosaur was called Giganotosaurus as it looks so much like the popular T-Rex, doesn't it? After some research, I've learnt that the T-rex would be found in the South of America and you'd find the Giganotosaurus up North America. Not only that, but the Giganotosaurus was around before the T-Rex too!

Next up is the Spinosaurus which also retails at £19.99, just like above. This particular toy has amazing details just like all the others. It's lower jaw is moveable, which the kids loved. I think it's great when toys have extra movements. I was very surprised to learn that the Spinosaurus was actually bigger than the dinosaur above, the Giganotosaurus, in real life.

Thirdly we have the green Dimetrodon which retails at £9.99. All Schleich toys are never a disappointment and again, this dinosaur has a moveable lower jaw which is great for extended imaginative play. You would find this particular one is oceans.

Next to the Dimetrodon is the Dimorphodon which retails at just £7.99. Again, another fantastic quality figure. The difference with the dinosaur compared to the others is it could fly. It was a dinosaur who ate animals such as fish, lizards and even insects. It only had short wings which made it difficult for it to fly long distances.

Schleich Dinosaurs are available in Smyths Toystores.

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