20 Things To Do With Kids Indoors

The weather can't seem to make up it's mind recently, but we are in typical Wales - where it rains 90% of the time. However, we have had some beautiful days recently, which reminds me so much of summer. We're the kind of family who doesn't mind if it rains outside, we will still dress up in our waterproofs and head on outdoors. But sometimes it's nice to stay indoors and just have a chilled out kind of day (is there such thing as a chilled day with kids?).

There are so many things to do outdoors with the kids, but there's also a lot of things to do indoors with the kids too. Wayfair currently have a great page of colouring sheets you can print out and you can find out more here about choosing the right inks for your printer. Here's a list of 20 things you can do to keep the kids entertained indoors:

1. Build an indoor den
2. Have a slime bath!
3. Make your own play-doh
4. Make your own slime
5. Indoor treasure hunt
6. Play hide and seek
7. Indoor camping
8. Colouring
9. Play some board games
10. Dance and sing some songs
11. Build a den/house with a large cardboard box
12. Bake some cakes
13. Make your own yoghurt
14. Have a movie day with some popcorn
15. Make a road track on the floor using tape
16. Make some crayon letters
17. Bake cookies
18. Build a tall tower/castle with paper cups
19. Plant some indoor plants
20. Host your own fashion show

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  1. Great list! We've done quite a few of these over the holidays, but you've given me a couple of ideas for things to do today, so thanks!


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