Getting Creative With Casdon Wooden Easel

Both my girls have always loved crafts and just getting creative. They also love role playing teachers, and so when they received the Casdon Wooden Easel they were over the moon. The easel board is double sided with one side as a whiteboard and the other is a blackboard. It was pretty easy to put together and didn't take too much time - which is always a bonus, isn't it?

Height wise, it's not very tall but it's an ideal size for children. The easel board is suitable for ages 3 years and over. All three of my kids have loved and still love playing with this easel board. It's a great way to help develop their creative skills and imaginative play skills. They have spent hours playing teachers and school using both white and chalkboard.

The set also contains water beakers, chalk pack, wiper and clips which is handy for attaching paper if your child wants to paint. It's a great product for little ones who love to be creative and imaginative. It's not the strongest of products, but it's sturdy enough and I would definitely recommend this easel board if you're looking for one for your child.

- We were kindly gifted this item in return for an honest review.
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