Top 4 Factors to Help you Choose the Best Local MOT Centre

When you are travelling with family, you need to take care of your vehicle's condition because if the car is not road worthy and has cleared its MOT, it can cause you alot of inconvenience.

If you think that one MOT centre is much like another, then you couldn't be more wrong. Although all MOT centres need to provide a certain level of service or they'd lost their accreditation, not all places you could have your MOT conducted are the same. What should motorists be looking out for if they want to ensure that they will receive a high level of service?

1.Check for Genuine Accreditation - Although an MOT can only be legally conducted by an approved mechanic, some people try to pull the wool over their customers' eyes and conduct MOTs without the proper authorisation. If so, then you could be driving illegally thinking that your car has passed its annual test. In London, for example, trading standards officers sometimes have to close down garages which operate in this manner. Check for the right certification when you book an MOT and make sure it is still valid and not out of date. You can get a genuine MOT in the London area now by booking at DAT Tyres' site.

2.Look Out for Reviews - Not all garages have a good level of customer service. What do other people say about a mechanic you are considering? Check local review sites to ensure the place you will have your MOT conducted is a reputable trader in your area.
3.Consider Specialisms - MOTs are a series of basic but important checks that ensure you will be able to drive safely. However, having a full service takes more skill from a mechanic. Therefore, you should check out the other services on offer outside of an MOT, such as an air-conditioning gas fill up, for example.

4.Ensure You Know the Charges - Mechanics who conduct MOTs should have a transparent pricing policy. Extras and small fixes should be available from a price list you can check. If the garage is cagey about pricing, then make a booking elsewhere.

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