Car Tyre Care Tips

Whether you have a new or old car, it's so important to maintain your car. There are a few things you need to maintain and check on a car. But one of the main things is to make sure you check your car tyres, it's also a great idea to get into a habit of checking for any damage to your tyres. From damage, punctures and worn out tyres, there's a lot to maintain but it's so important to get into the habit of checking them. You can get your car tyres in London from the best autocentres in town - Iverson Tyres Ltd London. Explore their website now to learn more.

Every tyre should last your a good amount of miles, for example, front tyres should get you 20,000 miles minimum for a front-wheel drive and double that for a four-wheel drive. But it's important to keep an eye on the tread of your tyes. The minimum depth for treads is 1.6mm and anything below, you must replace your tyres as it is illegal and unsafe to drive on the roads with treads lower than 1.6mm.

It's also recommended that you get someone professional to look at your car tyres once your tyres are five years old or over. This is so they can have a good check and make sure that there is no damage at all on them. It's also recommended that if you haven't replaced your tyres 10 years after their date of manufacture, then it's best to do so.

As said above, it's good to get into a habit of checking your tyres and another reason for this is to check the pressure of your tyres. For example, for a partial load, your front tyres should be 30 psi and for a fully loaded car, your front tyres should be 26 psi. Your rear tyres should be 30psi for a partial load and 36 psi for a full load. It's quite easy to notice and feel a low-pressure tyre, but some car models, mostly newer models will have a low tyre pressure warning light on your dashboard. If you're unsure that it only needs air, do not hesitate to get the tyres seen by professionals.

Lastly, when you drive your car it's important to keep notice of any unusual sounds or movements. For example, if your car seems to be vibrating unusually then it's a big warning sign. It is important to take your car to the garage to get your tyres checked. One of the reasons for this could be an alignment problem or a damaged suspension, which will need to be looked at and possibly replacement of your tyres too.

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