Bedtime Routine with Baby Annabell’s Sweet Dreams range

If you've been a reader for a while then you may know that I am a parent who believes in routines, especially bedtime routines. As all three kids now attend school, eldest two are full time and my youngest is part-time pre-school, I personally think it's very important that they have a reasonable bedtime each night. My youngest, Freddie, is now at the age where he's getting very independent and loves to try his best at doing things himself.

I am very strict with our bedtime routine, but I am also relaxed about it if we are heading off out of the day, as I won't come home especially for bedtime. But as said above, if it's during the school term, I do like the kids to be in bed by their normal bedtime. Our bedtime routine is a chill time hour before bed, but before that chill time hour, I do make sure that all three kids are dressed ready for bed - this means there's no stress in hurrying up to get them ready for bed before their bedtime. Also, they will have a bath every other night, as well as a little story too.

Freddie was kindly gifted a couple of toys from the Baby Annabell's Sweet Dreams Range. Included was an adorable My First Baby Annabell Baby Fun DollBaby Annabell Sweet Dreams Bed and a couple of sweet Baby Annabell clothing sets too. Freddie adores playing with all sorts of different toys, and some toys he loves playing with are baby dolls and roleplaying.

The Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Bed was very easy to build together and Freddie absolutely loves placing his Baby Annabell Baby Fun Doll to bed when he goes to bed. The bed is placed next to his cot during the night and he loves to check up on her when he wakes up in the morning. Not only this but he also loves to change her into her pyjamas before putting her to bed, as well as changing her nappy too, of course!

Something special that Freddie and I do after putting him into his cot is giving him a huge blow kiss, a high five, a 'boom' (which is like touch) and a thumbs up, he does this with his Baby Annabell too, which is just adorable.

The Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Range is great for kids to roleplay and involved more with bedtime routines, morning and day time routines. It's so sweet watching your child roleplay you and it's a great way for the little ones to learn as they play too.

* We were kindly gifted these items mentioned in this post for the purpose of this review. However, all words, images and opinions are entirely my own. 

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