Family Day Out in Chester Zoo

As it was Freddie's third Birthday last week, we knew we wanted to do something outdoors for his big day as he adores being out. So after a few weeks of thinking, we decided on visiting Chester Zoo on the Saturday before his birthday. All three kids were super excited when we told them that we were going to the zoo for the day. Freddie was full of excitement and telling everyone that he was going to see the animals such as elephants and tigers. But he also thought Fireman Sam was going to be there too, his favourite person at the moment.

We got up early to put our pup in a local kennel for the day and night as we knew we'd be later than 6pm arriving home. We also didn't want to rush home either. We were very lucky that the weather was warm and dry in Chester and one of the first things my partner and I said when we arrived was how shockingly busy it was. We only arrived half an hour after it opened and the car park was heaving with people and cars.

After paying and so on to enter the zoo I was so excited to walk around. The first animals we saw were elephants and anyone who knows me know that elephants are my all-time favourite animals. They are just beautiful. The kids were amazed and adored the baby elephants. We moved on and went straight to see the monkeys.

I must admitt, the rest of the day was on and off for us. It was very stressful with a nearly 3-year-old constantly trying to test our patience by running away from us and playing up every few minutes. Then also trying to please the elder two when we weren't able to properly because of Freddie. It was a difficult day but we also did enjoy ourselves at the same time. We are excited to again in a year or so when Freddie is a little older so he can appreciate it more and hopefully enjoy it more too.

Something Freddie did love was going on the little trains. He loved that you could see the whole zoo from the train and the girls were amazed seeing all the animals as we were passing them. The girls' favourite animals were the tiger, cheetah, lions and a few other animals they had not heard of before.

I thought to finish off this post is just to share some photos of our day.


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