Our Wild Night Out With Millets Outdoors

When I was contacted by Millets Outdoors to get involved with their Wild Night Out, I instantly said yes. I am someone who tries to encourage my kids to be outdoors and I'm pretty lucky that all three of my kids love being outside - especially my youngest. Whether it's sunny, miserable or rain, I don't think any type of weather should stop you going outside. There are many things to do outdoors with kids and I am happy to be involved with Millet's Wild Night Out this year.

I decided to join in by taking the kids outdoor camping in our back garden. When I told them that we were going to camp in the back they were super excited and couldn't wait. Luckily, we had some lovely weather which made the whole event even better. We were kindly gifted some items from Millets to help us with our little campout and the kids couldn't wait for me to put the tent up.

The Eurohike 4 Person Pop Up tent was super easy to put up and the kids helped me put it up, which they loved doing. After putting the tent up, I made the kids a little picnic and they wanted to eat it inside the tent, so we put out the picnic blanket and munched away on the picnic. While eating the picnic, we played some guessing games such as I Spy, Guess Who I Am and so on. I love playing games like that, it takes me right back to my own childhood.

The kids also played with some of their outdoor garden toys such as their golf kit, velcro tennis and they also just played around the garden. There's just something good about being outdoors in the fresh air, especially when the sun is out and the blue skies. We had some great fun on our Wild Night Out and have already planned another date to camp outside in the back too - the kids are so excited to do it again.

This is a collaborative post with Millets - we were gifted items.

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  1. With how warm it's been trying to sleep indoors recently, I love the idea of camping in the garden! That tent looks fab :) Stevie x


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