Happy 3rd Birthday

It only feels like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with my third (and last) baby. There was something special about being pregnant and knowing it was my last time I was ever going to grow a baby, feel movements and watching my bump grow each week. Also the excitement, nerves and all other mixed emotions you get during pregnancy too. It's crazy how time has just flown by over the years.

Just like my girls, I'll always remember the day I gave birth to Freddie and met my little boy for the first, held him in my arms and giving him the biggest cuddle ever. Straight when the midwives placed him on my chest, I remember looking up at my partner and telling him 'we have our boy!'. Even thinking about that moment right now is making me well up.

When I had Freddie, I felt like a first time Mam all over again. There were so many new baby items around and I was learning new things such as breastfeeding for the first time, suffering from sleep deprivation and just coping with life being a Mum of three. As each year passes all I am thinking is that whatever the milestone is, it's the last milestone I'm ever going to see from a child of mine and it's so sad to think. But it's also amazing at the same time watching my boy growing up every single day.

Freddie is a little boy who loves to test our patience, he's so fiery but he is cuddly, sweet and incredibly funny too. I've written monthly updates from 5 months all the way up to 18 months but haven't written any since. So I thought I'd just write a little update as part of his Birthday post.


Freddie hasn't had a nap since a couple of weeks before last Christmas. He stopped napping during the school Christmas holidays because we were so busy, there was never really a set routine as normal for him to have his nap. He got used to that and I didn't see the point in carrying on nap times in the New Year. Not only that, but I found if he did fall asleep during the day he was struggling to settle in the evening.

Bedtimes are great, with the odd evening or week here and there where he does play up or struggle to settle, but otherwise, he is great. We will put him to bed around 7pm and he will settle himself and sleep until the morning 7-8am, sometimes later and sometimes earlier.

He still loves to snuggle up in our bed in the mornings if there's time and sometimes he will even fall back to sleep. I love how cuddly he is! 

Freds is in age 3-4 years clothes and size 7-8 shoes. He absolutely loves his wellingtons, so rarely wears his trainers or sandals. Many say he is very tall for his age, but I see him average. He's quite big built, not overweight, but I think he looks perfect.

Development wise, his speech is getting on amazing. He is putting words together and is improving every single day. He is a mix of Welsh and English, which I love. He can count up to 10 with a little help. He's coming on really well.

He absolutely loves his yoghurts and is quite fussy with his foods! He still loves his pasta and his favourite is cheese. But just like his sisters, anything with sauces such as pasta sauce etc, he will not touch. It's quite a pain at times, but hopefully he will grow out of it. 

- Adores his wellingtons and wears them daily! 
- His favourite thing to watch is Sam Tan - Fireman Sam. 
- He adores being outdoors and especially jumping in puddles.
- He loves to copy his sisters do gymnastics - and can even do a roly poly.
- Loves his motorbikes, fireman sam toys and cars.
- He doesn't sleep in a sleeping bag anymore! But sleeps with a blanket fleece.
- Still loves to hold a hand when feeling tired or chilling on the sofa.

Happy Birthday Freddie x
Lots of love Mam x

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