Oh, my sweet baby boy, how are you halfway to two years old, already? It's going crazy fast, and although it's been tough, I'm enjoying my time with you so much. I'm sitting here with you on my lap. In one hand you have an air freshener in one hand pretending to spray it in my hair while making a blowing noise. The other hand is covering my mouth and my nose, quite annoying but funny. Just as I finished writing that, you've walked away to see your sisters, while holdingdragging my handbag behind you. But I'm sure you'll come back to sit on my lap again in a minute (yes, you did!) For some reason this seems like such a big milestone, and It's absolutely crazy to think you're nearly two years old. I'm already thinking about what to do for your birthday - I'm so excited to start planning everything. But as always, here is your 18 month update;

Lots of love Mam xxx


Ah, sleep. Right, it's been a bit up and down since last month. You were good sleeping last month but these past few weeks have been challenging to say the least. You've been waking up countless of times and then won't let us put you down, even though you will sleep in our arms perfectly fine. It's been stressful and pretty much exhausting, but it's not as draining as you were when you were a baby. However, you're older and much more tiring to deal with during the day. 

Nap times are still pretty much the same. You will sleep from 11/11.30am, for around two hours on average. 

He still fits into size 12-18 months and slowly going to 18-24 months, it all depends on which shop the clothes are bought from. Development wise he is coming along really well. He babbles a lot recently and constantly lets us know he has his own voice - it's adorable, though. He is able to put blocks on top of each other, do pretend play by making toys talk to each other and there are so many other things he's been learning recently too. Freds is also showing a huge interest in drawing/colouring and absolutely loves dancing too! 

He's been a little fussy at times and likes to feed himself. Countless of times he throws a tantrum if I try to feed him, or if his Dad tries to feed him. It's funny but so stressful as it can take a long time to calm him down. But he still has his favourites, pasta, banana and bolognese! 

- Giggles so much with a lot of things
- Loves me making the 'train' or a 'car' noise with the spoon if he lets me feed him
- When I peel a banana for him, he wants to put the skin in the bin (lol)
- Still loves hoovering
- Absolutely adores holding hands with the people he is close too
- Still loves to empty the pots and pan cupboard, as well as the baskets in the kitchen
- Loves to make lots of noise
- Babbles all day, every day.

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