In the next couple of weeks, I will be counting down the days until I have to go 'solo'. My partner is going to New Zealand for nearly three weeks. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried or nervous because I'm nervous as hell with the thought of him not being around for that long. We've been together for nearly 7 years now and the longest time we've spent apart was about 3 days. We do things separately, but we also do things as a family too. I think it's important in life, whether you are single or a couple, that we grab things straight away if they are a once in a lifetime experience. It doesn't always have to be together, we can do things separately and that's what's happening now.

At the beginning when he told me he was thinking of going, I did go moody and miserable. It was at the time that I was really struggling with Freddie and I still am at the moment. Trying to keep an 18 month old entertained all day until bedtime, is hard. Especially if he wakes up during the night. However, as time has gone by, I've gotten used to the fact that he will be away for that long and I'm already preparing myself for it.

As the first week that he's away is the half term, I'm already starting to make plans on what I can do to keep myself busy through that week. One plan is visiting Liverpool for the day and stay over for one night. I had originally planned to bring Freddie with us but because I'll be on my own with my girls too, I decided to ask my partners parents if they would mind having him. Luckily, they are happy too. I'm really looking forward to a day and night in Liverpool with my girls and also bringing my sister along with us too - which I'm super excited about.

Other things I have planned is to visit some National Trust parks, go for walks locally and just take each day as it comes. Two weeks will be full of school runs and one week is the half term. Thinking about it all, I think the two weeks with the school-time will be a little harder. However, Freddie will still be going to nursery as usual, on Thursdays so I still have some time to work. I think I am just going to have to find some kind of balance with everything to keep me somewhat sane.

Although I was a single Mam before I met my partner and I managed completely fine. I think being used to having someone come home in the evenings will make the weeks feel a little harder. But I will do it. I'll be fine. We all cope somehow, don't we?

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