How I Take and Edit My Blog Photos

Ever since I was given my first ever camera, I've always had a huge interest in photography. But once I started my blog over six years ago, that's when I really started to learn myself on how to take photos and edit them to my style. If you've followed my blog for a good few years, you will realise that my photos have changed massively since I started blogging. I am still learning now, but I am happy with a lot of photos that I take.

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite photos in this post, as well as some of my top tips on taking the right picture and how I edit my photos too.

1. Camera
First of all, you need to find the right camera, and if you're looking for a slightly lighter camera than a DSLR, then a (Professional) Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras would be a great alternative. I currently have a mirrorless camera, and I love it. It's not too bulky, and it takes high-quality photos - which is something I was looking for when I was searching for one.

2. Lighting
When you're taking photos, make sure there is enough natural lighting. I don't think there is anything better than capturing a picture with natural light. Something I rarely do is put a flash on when I take a photo with my camera, but if it is too dark and I'm at home, then a ring light will help me sometimes.

3. Put it on the right setting
When I'm out an about I make sure I put the camera setting on 'Sport' which means it captures quick movements without any blurriness. This especially helps when the kids are around. There have been many times I've been able to capture the kids in action such as jumping, running and skipping etc. But when it's a still photo, I like to use portrait and put a main focus on one particular item/person in the photo.

4. Patience
Taking a photo and editing sounds like a quick and easy job, but it honestly isn't. First of all, you need to take as many photos as you can to find the right shot. Editing then can take a good while to make sure you've not over-done it and making sure you've done it to your taste. Patience is needed.

5. Editing
I use a free photo editing site called FotoJet to edit my photos and I've never been disappointed. I do pay monthly to gain full access, and it's a very reasonable price considering how much things you can do to make sure you get the right edit for your photo.

This is a paid post.

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