Our Day Out in Llanberis

It's crazy how fast the summer holidays are flying by. As we're unable to go out as a family this summer, I've been taking the kids out on my own on my days off work. As I work on the weekend, we're unable to go out as a family on the weekend (with my partner). My partner is off on the weekend and working during the week. However, he is meant to be planning a day off at some point during the holidays, for us all to have a day together.

Last week the kids and I headed off to one of my favourite places in North Wales, Llanberis. We were so lucky that the weather was beautiful and we didn't need to wrap up in coats or waterproofs. I packed us a picnic in the bag along with a few other bits that would keep the kids entertained. The kids were super excited and were even excited to go to Llanberis on the bus! We had to catch two different buses to get there, and it took us roughly 45 minutes in total.

When we arrived, we went straight to the side where the Slate Museum was. I went to book some train tickets, and while waiting for our booked train, we went to the park in the Slate Museum - which is free entry. There's just so much to do there, and the kids absolutely love it there.

When we got on the train, the kids were excited, to begin with but got pretty bored near the end. We decided to eat our picnic on the train, and I had to entertain Freddie near the end. I think they were all pretty tired and getting on each others nerves! I loved the train ride. It goes from one side of the lake to the end of the lake. The views are just breathtaking.

After we got off the train, my Dad and brother, Sean, met up with us. We went back to the slate museum and had a look around at all the old work stations etc. The kids were interested, but couldn't wait to get back to the park. I think the park was one of their highlights!

We then decided to go for a walk to the Quarry hospital, which is a bit of treck. We walked alongside the lake and walked up to the path to the hospital. The kids loved looking in each room in the hospital. Afterwards, they played outside while my Dad and I had a sit-down and just chatted about everything and anything.

When we decided it was time to go home, we walked down through the forest path, which was a nice change. It's always nice taking a different path than the one you came from. I wanted to go up to see the castle but didn't have enough time. So I've decided we will definitely do that next time we visit, which will probably be very soon!

It was such a lovely and memorable day. It was lovely spending time with my Dad and brother, and especially the kids. The kids loved it and were absolutely shattered at the end of the day. When we arrived in Caernarfon, we decided to get a chippy (the kids did), and my partner picked us up. In the evening, my partner, the girls and I went to watch Lion King, which was an amazing film.

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  1. Beautiful photos Beth. You had much nicer weather than we did but even in the rain, Llanberis is a lovely place.


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