LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

We were recently kindly gifted the Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart by LeapFrog, and I was super excited to see what it was all about. For the past few weeks, I've heard many people recommending it, and I did wonder what was so good about a toy? I've always known LeapFrog do great toys for children as I've previously bought many LeapFrog toys in the past for my three. So I was looking forward to finding out what was so good about the LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart.

Firstly, it was straightforward to put together. I simply just had to clip the top half and the handle into the cart. The other small things that needed adding were the stickers and to place the ice cream accessories onto the cart. There's nothing worse than your little one waiting for their toy to be built - we all know how impatient little ones can be, don't we?

I love how bright and colourful the cart and the accessories are. Many accessories come along with the cart, for your little ones to make the perfect ice cream for you or/and their friends. To make it more exciting, there are 6 activity cards which you stick on top of the till, which will then tell you their order. This is great for helping little ones with their colours, counting and creativity too!

Educational toys are great and a huge bonus. There are many positive educational fun with the Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart such as memory, numbers, colours, matching, stacking/coordination and sequencing. There are lots of things for your little one to learn, and that's what makes this toy the ideal gift. Not only that, but it also plays music as you push the cart along.

The Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart is aimed towards ages 2+ years. My children are 3, 7 and 9. My two eldest love playing and it's by far my 3 year old's favourite toy so far. He's had hours of fun playing and making us all order our favourite ice cream. It's always lovely watching him learn which colours go with which flavourings and watching him use his imagination too.

Overall, I honestly would recommend this toy. It's a really great gift for any little one, and I am certain your little ones will love it just as much as my kids love it. The toy is great for learning and brilliant for role play - which is so important for little ones.

* I am part of the LeapFrog Play Panel for 2019 and receive some products in return for an honest review. Although this is a collaboration, all words, opinions and images are my own. 

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