Hatchimals WOW Review

Hatchimals were huge last year, and I'm sure you can just imagine the excitement for the kids this year as they have now introduced the first-ever re-hatchable Hatchimal egg: Hatchimals WOW! This most adorable Llalacorn is part unicorn and part llama - and is honestly the most adorable thing you will see. Llalacorn is full of surprises - especially that it wakes up in one of 10 surprise moods every time you re-hatch the egg.

When hatching the egg, that only takes 5 minutes, you need to give Llalacorn a little help to hatch by tilting the egg back and forth, and when you see the rainbow eyes, then your very own Llalacorn is ready to hatch its egg. Llalacorn will grow taller, and the egg top will fall off - the girls were laughing and amazed at the same time.

I personally think it's great that you can re-hatch the Hatchimal egg, it makes it extra fun for the kids and not only that, its the largest Hatchimal egg so far! Another great addition is, it's the first Hatchimal to express emotions through movement. It's also the first to express emotions through movement, and you will be surprised when Llalacorn magically grows up 32 inches tall - it's amazing. The kids were absolutely amazed.

If you touch and hold Llalacorn's belly and one toe it will start singing and it will sing and dance higher when you touch its forehead. The kids have had tonnes of fun with their Llalacorn Hatchimal. It will react with loud noises and can grow up to 32 inches tall - the kids (and myself) were amazed when she grew the first time. I love interactive toys and especially those ones that have so many different interactions, such as this Hatchimal WOW. With over 250 sounds and reactions, it's just full of surprises!

Once Llalacorn is hatched you can play, feed and cuddle her. She's super fluffy and so soft. When you cuddle her, she will go to her normal small size, and when there's some music playing, she will grow taller and start singing too. She sure is full of surprises and bound to make any child laugh and have fun. Each Hatchimals WOW have their own unique personality and also, which colour eyes will yours have? Pink or Purple? You'll find out once you hatch your very own Hatchimal WOW!

Hatchimals WOW are available at Smyths Toys

- We were kindly gifted this item in return for an honest review.
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