Just because it’s a used car doesn’t mean it can’t be a luxury car

Buying a car, new or used, is a big moment. It’s an investment, and you want to be confident it’s going to reward you over the coming years. Buying a brand new car guarantees you that nobody will have put any miles on the clock or done any damage to the car. Buying a used car, you could be the second, third or even fourth owner of the car. Because of this, you might already have an idea of what a used car will look like; faded paintwork, chipped wheels, a sparse interior from an early 2000’s car. But if you haven’t looked recently, you’d be amazed at the used cars coming onto the market each day.

Thanks to the overall quality of cars improving so much over the last ten years, even your entry-level models from cheap car brands come with some nice features and modern designs and styles. Because the overall quality of cars has improved, the luxury features which were only available on top of the line models have filtered down throughout manufacturers ranges. This, along with other reasons, now enables you to buy a used car which can transport you from one point to another in luxury, without having to break the bank on a new car.

Along with the cars throughout manufacturers ranges becoming more luxurious, there is one key factor which allows you to buy a used luxury car for significantly less than it would cost new, depreciation. This is the financial effect of an item losing its value over time due to it being used.

Cars are one of, if not, the best examples of depreciation in our society today. It’s estimated that new cars will lose between 15-35% of their original value in the first year of their life, with this figure rising to 40-60% after just three years. While some cars do hold their value well, overall you can find some really fantastic deals on luxury cars thanks to depreciation.

Because of depreciation, some luxury car owners will sell their new car after the first year in order to avoid losing more of its value if they were to keep it. This means there are some great deals to be found on luxury cars which are still comparatively new.

It goes without saying that if you find a deal which seems too good to be true, there are likely other factors involved, and you should do some serious research to find out why the price is so low.

Another reason luxury cars can now be bought used for lower prices is thanks to competition. The internet has revolutionised the way cars are bought and sold. It now allows a seller in London to reach buyers in Edinburgh simply by uploading photos to the internet. While used car dealerships still remain a really important element of the buying and selling of cars, even they have been forced to move online to display their products.

Because there are now so many options available online, prices for used cars are continually being updated to keep them competitive and appealing to prospective buyers. Thanks to this, along with the vast number of options buyers can choose from, it puts you in a strong position when you come to negotiate on price, even for luxury cars.

Overall, spending time researching your options and finding out what used luxury cars are on the market is the first place to start when looking for a good deal. That being said, there are definitely some great options available.

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