Pre-Christmas House Cleaning Mission

You’re sifting through the attic, trying to unpack your Christmas gear. The trees, decorations, lights, figurines and candles, they all have to be gotten from their storage spaces. But hang on, do you really need all the things from the past Christmases? Many households will hold onto their old and dusty Christmas stuff because it can be expensive to buy brand new items. But, these days less is definitely more. How about a more minimalist tree this year? How about decorations that don’t overlap, don’t overcrowd the room and can be taken down much more easily? Who knows you may find lots of other things that you don’t need to have anymore and so, it could be time for a pre-Christmas clearout. It's best to do this before and not after the celebrations. 

 Old and haggard 

It's common to have a faux tree these days. Real trees are expensive, and most of the time the faux trees can look just as nice. However, an old and haggard faux tree can be worse than a dying real tree. At least the real tree doesn’t have the expectations of lasting for long. But a faux tree is meant to be used over and over. If the faux tree you have is bent out of shape, has dried powdered dust on its leaves and branches, you should probably throw it out. Get yourself a new one, made from better materials, more classic design and most likely easier to take down and put back up.


 Get the kitchen ready! 

Christmas is all about the food. The presents are nice and almost nothing beats the excitement of opening up a gift on Christmas morning. But, the dinner is what the day is all about. But, if you want the best part of the day to run smoothly, you need to clean the kitchen in preparation. Not only will you move things out of the way for the time being and give yourself maximum room, but you’ll also make it sanitary for when things begin to overflow and get messy. If you’re having guests over for dinner, some of them may insist on helping. A dirty kitchen is going to put off their appetite and make it look as if you haven’t put in the effort.


 Out with the old 

 If you have a bunch of Christmas decorations, some that are new and some that are old, it's easy to mix them up. After all the partying and drinking, no one can be bothered to sift out quality from the old. But this year, throw away the old Christmas decorations by calling in a house clearance service. They will come and pick up any of the things you throw away so you don’t have to stuff your car full. Check the big ball of tangled lights you bought years ago, away. Throw away the decorations that are broken or no longer working. Start fresh this year! 

 You won’t have the energy or willpower to do a lot of cleaning straight after Christmas. So, don’t fall into the trap and do it before the 25th!

- this is a collaborative post

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