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I have always loved to take photos, ever since I owned my first camera. Over the years, my passion for photography has grown. But as the years have flown by, I've noticed less and less photos are getting printed and being put up on the wall. I do miss the times where we would need to pop into a supermarket to get our pictures printed because the roll in the disposable camera had finished.

I recently received this beautiful frame from Life In Squares, and it features various of my photos over the years in a collage style like Instagram. The photos I decided to go for were the ones that meant something. I wanted to keep the images as photos of my partner, the kids, dog and myself to make it that extra personal. I love how each picture tells a story. One of my favourite things to do is to repeat the story of the memory of the photo that's in a frame to the kids.

Life In Squares is a small North Wales business that offers high-quality products and all finished by hand. There are six products to choose from such as Frames, Floating acrylic (in 2 sizes), MDF, Chromaluxe Aluminum and Single image blocks. They are the perfect gifts for any special occasion.

I was kindly gifted one of the frames. There are 3 types of frames to choose from; White Loft, Black Loft and White Cotswold. There are also 5 different sizes to choose from, the lowest being 25 images and the biggest that will fit 64 images. I went for the White Loft and the print that includes 25 images.

I was able to order online, and I personally think it's a good way to see what the service is like and how the ordering process was like. You upload your photos using a website YourTransfer, and it was straightforward to do. I did get contacted about one image being particularly low in quality, but as I was super busy with my retail job and other personal things, I missed the email. However, they were very kind and patient. I sorted it out by re-sending another image that I'd like instead to replace the low-quality image. So, overall, the online ordering process was no bother at all.

Since receiving the frame I have received many good comments about it. I am overly pleased with the quality of the frame and the high quality of the images that have been printed. I am yet to hang it up the wall, but we are in the middle of decorating. But it sits nicely near our front porch door, so people get to see it when they come into our home, which I love.

There's a lot more information about Life in Squares on their website which you check out here:
I was kindly gifted this item in return for an honest review.
All words and images are my own.

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