70 Indoor Activities

Whether it's raining outside or you're just looking for some fun indoor activities to do, here's a huge list of 70 activities you all as a family can do.

1. Bake a cake
2. Build an indoor den
3. Play board games
4. Play jigsaws
5. Play hide and seek
6. Finger paint
7. Make slime
8. Watch a movie
9. Have a slime bath
10. Plant some indoor flowers
11. Make your own yoghurt
11. Bake cupcakes
12. Start a diary
13. Make finger puppets
14. Make your own play-doh
15. Colouring
16. Painting
17. Decorate photo frames
18. Sing & dance to songs
19. Build a tower/castle with paper cups
20. Host your own fashion show!
21. Indoor camping
22. Indoor treasure hunt
23. Have a teddy bear picnic
24. Make your own pizza
25. Play roleplay
26. Make some pasta instruments
27. Make a scrapbook
28. Make some pancakes
29. Glitter and glue crafts
30. Pasta pictures
31. Make some fruit kebabs
32. Play a card game
33. Make paper aeroplanes
34. Write letters for loved ones
35. Paint rocks
36. Build a castle with cardboard boxes
37. Read a book
38. Make potato stamps
39. Create a photo album
40. Print some fun educational activities
41. Decorate plain t-shirts
42. Make some superhero costumes
43. Indoor obstacle course
44. Make ice lollies
45. Play with lego
46. Do a family chore
47. Write a book
48. Toilet paper roll crafts
49. Make macaroni/pasta necklaces
50. Create homemade cards for upcoming occasions
51. Finger painting
52. Play shopping
53. Listen to a podcast
54. Make a time capsule
55. Bake cookies
56. Make a picture collage to frame
57. Indoor treasure hunt
58. Look through old photo albums
59. Make a race track
60. Family indoor yoga
61. Make paper chains
62. Indoor hopscotch
63. Make a music video
64. Tissue box guitars
65. Get the kids to help cook
66. Do a puppet show
67. Make a project
68. Have a dancing competition
69. Indoor water play
70. Play family bingo

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