Decorating A Child's Room To Suit Their Personality

Your child is growing, and growing fast! They’re outgrowing the bedroom you once decorated carefully
for them, and they want more and more to work with. Personality is something we all have, and it’s
something we want to surround ourselves with, and when your child is growing and really coming into
their own right now, they’re going to need more support than the rest of us. 

How do you satisfy their need to feel comfortable and at home within their bedroom, especially when
you’re working with a limited budget and the knowledge that your child is just going to grow again in a
year’s time? 

Well, we’ve listed some ideas below for your convenience. So go, be the best parent you can be, and
help your kids feel happy and accommodated for within their own room! 

Don’t Throw it Away, Paint it!

A lot of old furniture can be chucked out of a child’s room, seeing as they outgrow things all the time,
and who knows if that chair is still high enough for them. But instead of throwing something out, why
not choose to repurpose or repaint it instead? It’ll be a lot cheaper on your budget, and it’ll help to
ensure the design of your child’s bedroom has longevity. 

That old chair they can no longer sit in? Use it as a table! Put an alarm clock on it, or let them keep
their books there. Give it a new coat of paint, sit it in a corner, and then let your child make use of it in
a different, more productive way. 

Include Space for Your Child’s Development

Your child is going to grow at a rapid rate - they all do, and there’s nothing we can do about that!
So you might need to factor in some separate spaces within their bedroom that could foster their
development as they get older. Let’s go through a couple of ideas: 

Maybe a space to sit down and read or use a gaming console; a beanbag is cheaper than an armchair
or a loveseat, so think about buying a couple of those. 

A space to sit and work, on things like homework and other creative pursuits; a desk and chair would
be great for a child who is approaching their teenage years, but could also work well from the age of 5
and up. 

Make sure you fill these spaces with things your child actually likes, rather than focusing around a
theme or a colour. It will help your child to feel like they belong in their room, and that they can revel
in what they love. Design for practicality, and your child’s personality, rather than for your own aesthetic

Think About Wall Stickers

The walls of your child’s bedroom can get very messy. All kinds of crayon marks and felt tip pen strikes
can litter them, and you never know just how scratched the skirting board can get until you pull the
furniture out of the way. You might just want to paint the whole thing a dusky brown or deep blue and
be done with it! But all in all, the walls are the most important part of decorating your child’s bedroom
to suit their personality! 

So, you might want to make use of some wall stickers here. After all, you can take them down just as
easily as you put them up, which means little to no work is needed for the next bedroom renovation
when your child has grown again! Shop with sites like Aspect Wall Art for a wide range of wall stickers,
because you’re definitely going to want to get creative here! 

You could get a collection of wall stickers here, to put together to make into a collage of things your
child likes at the moment, like farmyard or jungle animals. You could even put up a decal of their own
name, helping them to feel like this space is their own. 

Ready to Get Decorating? 

Decorating a child’s bedroom to properly accommodate them can be hard. We can’t help but let our
tastes get in the way sometimes, and they’re nowhere near old enough to be helping out with the redec! 

So keep these tips in mind if your child is growing and needs a new room to grow with them.
It’s important to think of them as little people coming into their own, and to give them a space that
allows them to do just that. 

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