Why Should Kids Wear Smartwatches

A funny thing to ask, right? Why on earth would we want to strap yet more technology onto our kids, in a world where we’re more and more concerned about screen time and technology addiction encroaching into our kids’ lives?

Hold your horses with the negative thoughts though because there are actually some real benefits for kids wearing smartwatches, just as there are for kids wearing any type of watch every day, but smartwatches give that added level of safety and comfort that you may not have thought about before.

Techno Kids

Like it or not, our kids are going to be surrounded by technology from the moment they’re born (and for some of them, even before they’re born!). We may have dreams of an idyllic life surrounded by nature and tranquillity, but in reality, every child will grow up in a more connected world than we did or our parents did, and every child will have a relationship with technology that needs careful management.

Rather than trying to shield them from this technology, why not embrace it and teach some responsibility along with it?

Responsibility In Time

Teaching kids to be responsible with technology means teaching them responsibility in general, and for most parents that begins at a very early age when they learn to tell the time. How many parents have been asked by an insistent 3-year-old every five minutes “What time is it?” whilst pointing to the clock?

Getting your child a smartwatch means you can effectively kill two birds with one stone, teaching them to tell the time, as well as giving them a gentle introduction to technology that they’ll have a hard time losing!

Connectivity When It Matters

In a world where everyone is connected all of the time, you may think that it’s best to turn off occasionally, and this is true, but wouldn’t you want to make sure you can contact your kid wherever they are, or, even better, know where they are all the time?

As part of your drive to give them more responsibility, giving them some freedom within limits can be achieved with the effective use of technology. Most Smartwatches for girls and boys have an option to call a designated number (yours) in an emergency from the flick of a switch.

Many also have built-in GPS connectivity meaning you’ll always know where they are and you can always get to them if they need you. This feature alone is probably one of the top reasons why parents choose to get their kids smartwatches.

Learning to Organise

If your children are a little older, perhaps moving towards the end of primary school, it could be really beneficial for them to start learning about responsibility in the context of organisation.

Being able to get notifications and updates right on their wrist is a great way to gently remind kids of important dates or commitments and a positive first step on the road to an organised and responsible future.


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