4 Ways Your Family's Safety Starts By Installing New Windows

As a mother, your family’s safety is paramount, and you will always want to find ways to protect your children. There are many important areas to address around the home, including the kitchen, staircases, and home security. One area which is often overlooked but incredibly important is the windows as they can pose a threat both in terms of safety and security. Installing new windows is a smart way to protect the safety and security of your children and family as a whole - read on to find out the main reasons why this is the case and how installing new windows is important.


1. Home Security

First, new windows can be a smart way to improve your home security. Older windows can be a security risk because they are often easier to break into, and criminals will frequently target homes with older windows because they know that they will be much easier to access. Having new windows with high-quality locks and even alarms will provide robust protection against intruders and give you peace of mind.


2. Harder To Break 

Double glazing is also useful for improving home security along with a range of other benefits, so finding double glazing specialists in your area is helpful, and you can search online, such as the best windows West Midlands specialists. This is because it is much harder to break two barriers as opposed to one, and the glass is likely to be much stronger than what you would find on an older window. Being harder to shatter is also helpful from a safety point of view as it is less likely that the windows will break and cause damage, such as if a football is kicked at the windows.

3. Child Safety

Many homeowners like to leave their windows open during the warmer months of the year to let the airflow, but this can actually be incredibly dangerous, especially if you have kids. As many as 4,000 children under the age of 15 injure themselves by falling from windows according to a study by the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) - while the majority of these are not serious, it is clear that this is a major hazard in the home.

This is why you should have child-safe windows installed, which limit how far the window opens so that your child is not at risk, but you can still enjoy fresh air flowing through. This also works both ways so that people will not be able to climb in, which will improve home security too.


4. Customisation

 When you have new windows, you also can customise them to boost home safety and security. This might include having double locking handles, security hinges, intruder alarms, and even security bars installed on the outside.

Your family’s safety is extremely important as a mother, and you will want to do all that you can to provide a home that is both safe and secure. The windows are one area that will need to be addressed to achieve this, and having new windows installed is a smart way to protect your family in more ways than one.

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