A Guide to What Type of Mattress to Buy


Your mattress is probably the least of your worries at the moment, but if you’ve had the same mattress for many years, the chances are its time to invest in a new one. It might seem like a large sum of money, but the benefits for your sleeping pattern, joints and muscles over time make it a worthy investment.

To help you in knowing what type of mattress to buy, here are some of the key things to consider:

What types of mattress are out there?

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses have grown in popularity in recent decades as an alternative to the traditional coiled design. Memory foam is renowned for offering an incredible amount of support by moulding around your unique body shape and sleeping position. By shaping to your body, the foam relieves and prevents any pressure put on any areas of your body making it ideal for sleepers that want a mattress to essentially hug them during the night.


Despite the level of support the foam offers, it can be ill-suited to people who tend to get particularly hot during the night due to it enveloping your body.

Pocket sprung

Coil mattresses are one of the more traditional types of mattress but they are still arguably the most popular due to their affordability. The more coils in your mattress, the more comfortable it will be, so its important to take into account how many pocket springs a mattress contains before making a purchase.

Pocket sprung mattresses are ideal for sleepers that need support but don’t want the mattress to shape around their body while they sleep.


Latex is especially popular with hot sleepers whose temperature tends to shoot up overnight due to the natural cooling properties of the material. It offers a bouncy feeling by pushing back on the body rather than letting your body sink into the material. Latex is a viable option for those who don’t want a coil mattress but don’t want a memory foam mattress to keep them too warm overnight.


Hybrid mattresses are a great option for sleepers allowing you to have the best of both worlds and benefit from a range of innovative mattress technology. Hybrids are designed to offer a range of benefits, therefore allowing them to suit a wide range of sleepers with different needs and comfort requirements.

Hybrid mattresses usually use a combination of memory foam, pocket sprung coils and latex to offer a bouncy, cooling and highly responsive feel. Simba Sleep is leading the way in hybrid mattress technology, offering  They are also built to last and can be relied on for many years without the quality decreasing, or you can use your ten-year guarantee to swap your mattress for a brand new one. Check out Simba’s YouTube videos to see for yourself how their hybrid mattress technology can support all sleepers.

How long do mattresses last?

As well as thinking about the types of mattresses available, always consider how long you need your new mattress to last. Most mattress companies will advise you to replace yours after eight years, though some newer models can last far longer with the correct care without the quality or support deteriorating. 

Take into account your sleeping patterns when weighing up what your mattress needs to provide. If your mattress is too soft for your body weight, it can end up needing replacing far quicker.

What’s your budget?

Think about how much you want to spend on your new mattress and whether you are in a position to pay a large sum or you will need another payment plan. Simba offers all their customer’s monthly payment options, so you can pay for your hybrid mattress in affordable chunks each month rather than having to say goodbye to any savings to upgrade your night’s sleep.

It’s always best to invest in a high-quality and reputable mattress that suits you rather than simply opting for the cheapest option. The rule of thumb is to never spend less than £500 on a mattress as it will likely be poor quality and won’t last for several years. 

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