Stuck For Ideas? 5 Amazing Unisex Gift Ideas For Christmas 2020

 There’s no getting away from the fact that Christmas is just over eight weeks away. Sure, Christmas is going to be different this year because of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you and your family still can’t have a fun time and enjoy being together in the festive season!

If you’re someone that shops for Christmas gifts at the last minute, you’re probably wondering what to get for the men and women in your life. Don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas, because everyone will welcome the following unisex gift ideas!

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1. Coffee Maker

If you know the person in your life isn’t much of a tea fan, but they enjoy drinking coffee, help to steer them away from cheating with instant coffee granules! A coffee maker is an excellent gift idea and will help them make a decent brew for themselves and others.

Plus, they can get their preferred blend locally to use with their coffee maker, or buy coffee beans online. The coffee maker you get them could be something as simple as a cafetiere, or a state of the art filtered coffee machine!

2. Bluetooth Speaker

Have you noticed that the friend or loved one in your life spends much of their time doing things outdoors? They might spend a lot of time tending to their garden or allotment or working on their project car.

A Bluetooth speaker can be an excellent gift idea for such purposes because it’s portable, offers decent sound quality, and can be run on batteries. What’s more, they can listen to music streamed from their phone via Spotify or even via the FM Radio app on their device.

3. Sandwich Toaster

Who doesn’t love tucking into a delicious toastie every now and then? The trouble is, it can be hard to make a toastie if you don’t have the means of doing so! Sure, you can buy those toaster-friendly pouches - but they seldom create the best results most of the time.

Cheer up the gift recipient in your life and give them the gift of toasties with a sandwich toaster. They’ll soon wonder how they ever managed without one!

4. Portable Power Bank

It can be annoying when you go somewhere, and you’ve forgotten to charge your phone, with no chance of charging it somewhere safely. If the person in your life is terrible at remembering to charge their smartphone, they need a portable power bank.

The great thing about portable power banks is they have enough capacity to provide a few full charges. They could technically only need to recharge the power bank once a week!

5. National Trust Annual Pass

Sometimes it’s great to head outdoors and do some exploring, either alone or with others, and temporarily get away from the monotony of everyday life. A National Trust annual pass is a brilliant gift idea and means the person in your life can visit any NT property for free.

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