How To Be Uniquely You

 One of the major elements of living a happy and full life is trying to be as true to yourself as possible. This is not something that comes easily, however, and most of us often find it difficult to make this a reality. Nonetheless, if you want to get more out of life, it is a very good idea to try and practice this, and with enough practice you should find it becomes easier and easier. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do in order to be uniquely yourself. Following these tips should bring about a lot of happiness in your life.

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Be Your Own Best Friend

You can never be certain who will be by your side for life, and who won’t, so the best you can hope for is to be your own best friend. In other words, aim to stick by yourself, show yourself some love and care, and if you can do that, you will find that it is easier to simply be who you are without having to worry about it. Of course, this can be very hard to actually do, but with some practice you should be able to get there soon enough.

Dress However You Want

How you dress is often tied up with how you feel about yourself, and particularly how you view yourself. If you want to make sure you are being yourself as best as possible, you need to dress however you want to dress, and forget about what those critics in your life might think or say. Whether you want to dress casually in balenciaga clothing or you are keen to go up-class or even zany, it’s all about pleasing the person in the mirror first and foremost. If you can do that, you will be so much happier.

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Don’t Bother About Conforming

It is often easy to conform - it is kind of the path of least resistance. But over time, you might find that you start to regret it, start to hate yourself, and possibly even feel a little resentful of the world for making you behave in a certain way. In order to avoid that, try your hardest not to bother with conforming at all. That means that you won’t have to rebel either, but that you are simply being what you want to be, regardless of what the world is doing.

Find Your Skills

You are very good at something. If you don’t think you are, it just means you haven’t found it yet. One of the most important and valuable things we can do as humans is to discover what our most valuable skills are, and then to hone them well. If you have some skill that you would like to work on, doing so is going to make you feel more uniquely you. If you don’t, discovering what it is will do that too. This is about the best thing you can do in your life.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Prepare Your Family for a New Baby

 No experience can be compared to bringing a new baby home. The excitement and joy that new parents feel are profound. It is also natural to go through some challenges as well, especially for first-time parents. After all, no amount of planning can guarantee 100% preparation for the arrival of your little one. There have to be some obstacles along the way.

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The challenges might include sleepless nights, issues with breastfeeding, and financial constraints. It is also common for parents and other family members to experience spells of anxiety and stress to some extent. And since every newborn is different in a way, you can't foretell precisely how the situation will unveil.

The good news is that there are many ways you can prepare your family for a new baby. These tips are derived from various parents and newborn-care experts.

Get a Health Insurance Cover

Sometimes you might wonder how much it will cost you and the family to bring a new baby home. Qualified health plans may be required to cover the costs of pregnancy and childbirth, while some go a long way to cover screening tests and counseling sessions. It would help if you called your insurance company to find out a list of what they cover.

Accordingly, you can add the new baby into the plan to be covered separately after the first two months.

Do Essential Repairs at Home

Bringing a new baby home means adding another member to the family. You have to prepare enough space for the baby without interfering with other kids. This is why you need to repair the house to make it fit for a newborn and the existing members of the family.

Get all renovations and minor repairs done early enough before you bring the new kid home. This will help make the environment safe for the newborn and other kids as well. Also, repairing the house is a way of creating extra space to accommodate everyone.

Stock up Baby Items

Watch out for deals and stock up on essential baby items like wipes, diapers, and clothing. It may not be easy to know what is good for the baby as not everything works for every child. That is why it is essential to get all products from a baby website to help you identify what is suitable for your newborn.

Check out for different prices and compare stores before you settle on one to ensure you get value for money and the best quality for your family.

Plan a Family Leave

If both of you work, it will help if you take a family leave to spend time with the newborn and other kids. Enquire about your options with your employer and see what is best for the family. Taking time off from work gives you the freedom to usher in a new baby and help the family adapt to the added member.

Let the Older Child Spend Some Time with the Father

The new family member will present an opportunity for the older children to spend some quality time alone with their father. This will go a long way in enhancing their bond, and they will not feel left out.

Use a Support Network

It is natural to get overwhelmed when focusing on your new baby. Sometimes, it may be hard to socialize, forcing you to forego the company of friends. However, this is one thing you should never let cross your mind. Family and friends can be a great source of inspiration and help with the new baby than you can ever imagine. Maintain social relationship and be sure to ask for help if things are too hard for you or the family to handle.

Cut some Slack

Most first-time parents worry so much about their ability to parent effectively. Here is something you should know; you are going to make mistakes with the new baby and other siblings along the way. There is no perfect parenting. Fortunately, your kids do not need perfect parents. You have to be committed, loving, and always try to do your best for the kids. Bringing a new baby home is a steep learning curve for everyone, meaning it is perfectly okay if you do not have everything figured out.

Involve Older Kids in the Process

Involving your older kids in preparation for the new baby makes them feel part of the change in the family. For instance, you can ask them to help in decorating the new baby’s nursery or choosing toys for the newborn. You can also ask for their advice when picking names or other baby items.

Avoid Overselling the New baby to the Family

As much as it would be tempting to emphasize all the great things of having a new member of the family, you should also let everyone know about the challenges they should expect. Be very specific to your older children. Tell them that babies are a lot of work and that you will need their input in some instances, such as changing baby diapers.

Deal with the Feelings

Some older children may find it hard to adjust to the changes that a new baby brings. Encourage everyone to talk about how they feel about the new kid. Also, try to understand if some are unwilling to express their feelings or contribute to the baby talk.  

If some children act up, do not be very lenient in bending the rules, but understand the mood behind their behaviors. Sometimes it could mean that they want more one-on-one time with you.

Accordingly, be very clear that you understand their feelings though they have to learn how to express their moods in appropriate ways.

Think of Life Outside the New Baby

Sometimes, you may be too much drawn into the new baby that you forget about other kids in the house. Well, that would be too bad for the family. Try to focus on everyone in the house. If you have visitors, encourage them to spend some time with the older kids and talk to them about the new baby. Take time to discuss friends, activities, school, or anything important to your other children.

Some kids may be open to a new baby without showing any discontent. Others may not be as welcoming and end up being hurt. In some cases, your child may fall somewhere in the middle. Be patient with everyone and let them adjust to the changes in the family. Also, try to relate to their feelings and make them feel loved.

Plan your Childcare

You are probably going back to work at some point, meaning you have to sort out everything to do with childcare sooner rather than later. You may want to consider daycare centers or a nanny to take care of the family when you are away. If you are not sure about what will work for you and the family, ask for help from friends and family who have been through a similar experience.

Prepare for Everything Else

Preparing the entire family for a new baby requires a lot of planning along the way. You have to try to get everything right, though it is not possible. Prepare all baby items, family time, and every aspect that is likely to affect your other kids. If possible, ask your parents to visit and spend time with older kids as you focus on the new baby.

As a parent, you wouldn't want to overlook crucial steps to make the first few days of welcoming a new baby more manageable. Sit down and plan how you will get your favorite baby items and prepare the entire family for the newborn.

3 Easy Ways To Winter-Proof Your Humble Abode


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With a cold winter fast approaching, we need to ensure that our pads are ready for the chilly onslaught. It’s all too easy to enjoy the balmy weather in the summer in our back gardens, whip out the barbecue, and have our windows open to let in some cool air to keep the interior climate in check. Fast forward to this festive season and we are more concerned about keeping as much heat as possible within our homes. Take a look at these simple ways to winter-proof your little patch of bricks and mortar.

Roof Tops

If you are cursed with a slipped tile or a dodgy looking slate in the summer, the lack of rain means that it will go unnoticed. However, as the rate of precipitation increases in the winter, you may find that your home is no longer watertight. A leaky roof can lead to rotten and damp rafters and mould penetrating your home. This leads to a cold house and an unhealthy environment for your brood. A replaced tile can prevent your home from letting rain into your pad. This tiny and cheap fix needs to be done as soon as possible to prevent long term structural damage to your humble abode. If your roof is bowing or looking misshapen, think about instructing a surveyor or builder to check out your attic space and rooftop. This may be old bowing or it could be a sign of more serious movement. 


While your kitchen may be in need of a renovation, you might not assume that it needs doing for winter. However, with more one pot cooked meals going into the oven and greater use of your integrated appliances in the cooler climate, you might want to refresh the heart of your home. Opt for one of the many professional kitchen transformations that specialists can now provide. By working with you to design the dream style for your kitchen, you could have a super modern high gloss kitchen complete with futuristic soft close drawers. Or perhaps a more countrified and traditional shaker style cabinetry is more your thing. If you are keen to generate an environment where your family can get together this Christmas, it’s crucial that your kitchen is fit for purpose.


If you want your home to be more cost-effective this winter, your boiler needs servicing. With an added smart thermostat hooked up to your boiler, you can have more control over your heating bills. If you are at work and it is an unusually warm winter day, having the heating on could result in you entering a furnace in the evening and you will be wasting money. Instead, with an app and a WiFi connection, you can turn your heating down from anywhere in the world, saving you cash and helping your home become more energy-efficient. Help your boiler have an easier time when firing up the heating by keeping your windows draught-free and by insulating your attic space. This way, less heat will escape your home and you can enjoy a more ambient and constant temperature.

Follow this simple guide and you can make your home winter-proof this season.

Four Ways To Update Your Bedroom

 Your bedroom is a space that you spend the end of every day in, and so it’s important that it’s enjoyable to relax in. With that being said, all rooms can end up getting outdated at some point, and so you’ll want to make a few changes here and there to keep it fresh and modern. Here are four ways to update your bedroom.

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Splash On Some New Paint

A coat of paint can go a long way when you’re decorating your home, and sometimes a change can be needed when it comes to the colour. If you’re looking to update your bedroom, then it’s worth considering a theme that you’re going for when it comes to the colours of the soft furnishings and the style in which your furniture has been fashioned. There are lots of different styles and colour palettes out there, so it’s worth thinking long and hard about what you’d like. Bearing in mind, this is a colour that you need to end up liking for a good while, due to the fact that you might not do any updates to it for a few years. So unless it’s a unique style that you’ll continue to love past it’s ‘trending’ stage, then go for something more classic. There are plenty of popular decor colour trends in the bedroom.

Rearrange The Furniture

Furniture is something that you want to think about when it comes to buying new items because it might not be needed. Rearranging the furniture might be something that you want to try out instead before getting any new items. By changing the layout of the room, it might really alter the space and how you view it. We can get bored of the same layout sometimes, and so doing something a bit different might make a real difference to the space. You can update the bedroom without actually have to spend any money on it!

Get Rid Of Clutter You Don’t Need

Clutter is something we’ll all tend to build up in our homes and sometimes without even realising. It’s important, though, to do a clear out of things that you don’t need, whether it’s paperwork or pieces of furniture. Clutter can really affect the mood of the room and the way you feel too. Try to make a habit where possible to do a declutter every few months to stay on top of it where needed.

New Lighting

Lighting is certainly something that changes the way the room looks, especially if you choose the right types of lampshades or bulb colours. Think about the room and how you’re presenting it, and then incorporate the light accordingly. You want to have a mixture of levels that you can alternate between depending on the time of day. There are so many different lampshades and styles, though, so be sure to do a lot of online and offline browsing before picking one.

With these tips, transforming your bedroom is going to really help boost your mood and the love for your space.