The Cosatto Supa Pushchair Review

When it comes to buying baby items I have always been interested in the unique and bright looking products. Things that catch my eye and stand out. As Freddie was coming up to his first birthday, I thought it was about time we had a pushchair for him. Although we still use his other pram when we go venture out to certain places, having a pushchair to use most days was something I wanted and needed, especially having the two girls too. When we received the stunning Supa Pushchair from Cosatto, I was super excited. I chose the Spectroluxe pattern which is a bright and colourful rainbow pattern.

We have been using the Cosatto Supa Pushchair for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love it. Cosatto has been one of my favourite brands since I had my eldest daughter, nearly 8 years ago. The baby brand stands out from the crowd. Their products are fantastic quality and unique. The first time I used the Cosatto Supa was on the school runs and then for our little holiday to Haven in Pwllheli. We did find that the pushchair is quite long when it's folded, but we didn't have a problem fitting it into our car, along with a few suitcases and lots of bags for our weekend away.

As well as the pattern, the other thing I fell in love with was the colour of the wheels. It's half yellow and half green, which again makes the pushchair stand out from other pushchair brands. A great reason to go for a Cosatto pushchair is that you can choose your own look, show your personality. There are 8 other patterns to choose from. My other favourites were the Dragon Night and Lolz.

Something I really look for in a pushchair and pram is how smooth they are to push. I was overly pleased with the Supa as it was really smooth to push. It's a lightweight pram, which is perfect for me. I've never been keen on heavy, bulky pushchairs. Freddie looks super cosy when he's in his cosy toes, that comes as part of the pushchair. Here are a few other features about the Supa:

The Hood is amazing. It's an extendable UPF50+ hood. To extend you open the zip on top of the hood. This is perfect for keeping your little ones in the shade. Under the hood is a gadget pocket space to hold photos or a tablet, this is perfect if you are going for a long walk and need to keep your child entertained, or even when you're traveling.

The Seat can be reclined to 4 different positions you want it. It can be sat up, half way or reclined all the way down with a simple one hand recline at the back of the seat. The foot rest where they rest their little legs is padded and adjustable.

Suitable for newborns with the free newborn head rester and it is suitable from birth as it reclines all the way down, suitable for those tiny little ones. If you are worried that you won't be able to see the baby, there is a little plastic window at the back of the Supa hood, which you can look through and keep an eye on the baby on your walks.

Handles are padded and adjustable. Something I haven't seen on a pushchair before is adjustable handles. One of the biggest problems my partner gets with prams and pushchairs is that their handles are too low for him. He found this feature great and so did I as we're both quite tall.

The basket is surprisingly spacious. As my previous pram had a large basket, I was quite nervous to have this one because the basket is a huge part of what I look into when purchasing a pram or pushchair. I have been really pleased with the basket. Although, it is hard to access when the seat has been reclined all the down. But what is handy with a two-handled pram is you can hang your bag on the handles if the seat has been reclined.

The rain cover is huge but absolutely perfect for the wind and rainy weather that we've had a lot of recently. I was surprised at how big the rain cover was when I opened it out. However, it covered every single bit of the pram from top to bottom, which I love. It's also a really strong rain cover.

The Cosy Toes is 4-way reversible. Perfect for the newborns and older babies to keep them cosy and warm. The Cosy Toes can be attached by zipping it on. Also, comes with a reversible zip-off fleece liner.

The Supa folded is long but thin. It's not heavy either which is a bonus. It fits into our Volkswagon Touran quite well. It took a bit of space in our Mother in Law's boot, but there was still a lot of space left for other things. It's really easy to fold and automatically clips together when folded.

Cup holder which can be placed on either side of the frame is really handy. We use it every single time we take the pushchair out by placing Freddie's beaker there or sometimes, our own drink bottles.

The wheels are really smooth and brightly coloured. They are lockable but I prefer the swivel wheels, and that's how I've been pushing the Supa. They're not too thin or too thick of wheels, and I can tell they will last a long time.

What comes with the pushchair?
+ Head rest
+ Raincover
+ Reversible Zip-off Cosy Toes
+ Chest pads

+ Easy one-hand recline for the seat
+ Very easy to fold
+ Brightly coloured and a great range of other patterns to choose from
+ Choice of swivel and lockable front wheels
+ Basket is spacious when seat is up
+ Adjustable handles, perfect for taller people
+ Padded adjustable calf rest support
+ Suitable from birth
+ Seat unit can be removed for easy cleaning
+ Multimedia gadget pocket with speaker
+ Lightweight and smooth to push
+ Light to carry when folded
+ Auto lock when you fold it
+ Extendable UPF50+ hood


Nothing. The only thing is you can only access the basket from the sides, when the seat is laid back down. However, this has never been a problem for me as I am happy to use the two handles to carry things while Freddie has his nap in the lay down recline position.

RRP: £219.95

I am overly pleased with the Supa. I personally think the price is very reasonable for the quality of the pushchair. Keep an eye out for a few more posts and photos within these next few months. If you love Cosatto just as much as I do, check out my previous review for them, the Zoomy Carseat and they have a fantastic range of car seats here.

* We were sent this item free of charge in return for an honest review. All words, images, and opinions are entirely my own. 

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  1. Fab review lovely, those photos are amazing! This pushchair looks brilliant, I love the bright colours! x


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