6 Ways To Childproof Your Home

When you have small children crawling, walking, or even running around your home, you quickly become aware of how important it is to ensure your home is as childproof and child friendly as it can be. So, put away all of those pointy edged pieces of artwork that you have lingering around for at least the next few years.

Blinds and Windows

Blinds can be deadly. Toddlers can get caught up in blind cables, so ensure they are hung up out of the way of little fingers and hands. As well as blinds, windows can cause problems too, especially if they are old and dated. Older style windows can stick, and it is very tempting for little people to put their hands in small spaces and gaps. If your windows have seen better days, it is probably time to start looking at timberwindows-direct.co.uk for some new gorgeous and safe windows.

Doors and Locks

Little fingers can get stuck in hinges and in gaps in doors, so make sure that you put door protectors on your doors (as high up as you can) to stop them from properly closing and shutting (and potentially trapping fingers in them when they do). Also, never leave keys in doors that your little one can potentially lock. Toddlers are especially curious, and a key in a door is there to be turned, so take away this temptation to ensure they don’t lock themselves in any room within your home.


Plugs and electrics can be a parent’s worst nightmare, so make sure that you have child safety protectors in all of your sockets. Also, make sure children have no access to any live or exposed wires or sockets. Get a qualified electrician in to make your home safe, as complacency with electrics could potentially lead to a fatal electrical fire.


If you have a staircase or stairs anywhere within your home, you will know what a danger they pose. All your little one needs to do is be distracted and miss a step, and before you know it, they are tumbling down the stairs faster than you can imagine. To make stairs safe, ensure you install safety gates at the top and bottom of the staircase and make sure it is always properly locked. Accidents can happen in just a few seconds, so be mindful to always close and lock safety gates.

Drawers and Cabinets

Ensure that accessible drawers and cabinets (especially within the kitchen) are locked with child safety locks. It is quick and easy for a child to get their hands on anything from knives to glass bowls and cups, so remove the temptation and invest in purchasing and fitting child safety locks to any drawers and cabinets that you don’t want your children to open.

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning chemicals and equipment look like brightly coloured toys, especially to toddlers, so before they have access to any harmful cleaning chemicals, make sure you get them up and out of sight. Toddlers and babies can quickly put things in their mouths, including washing tablets and dishwasher tablets, so keep everything that is dangerous and harmful out of easy to reach and easy to access cupboards. 

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