7 Extra-Curricular Activities Your Kids Will Love

 Kids have to go to school - it’s the law. But they do also get some free time during the week to relax, enjoy themselves and pursue things other than education. 

For parents, though, the subject can be a bit of a minefield. Yes - it’s critical for kids to have well-rounded lives. But which activities do kids actually want to do? And which are beneficial? Let’s take a look. 

Music Lessons

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Learning to play a musical instrument is one of the most critical things that a child can ever do. Not only is it an important life skill, but it also improves cognitive function which has spill-over effects on other areas of their life. Music ingrains things like rhythm and coordination into their bodies - a skill that never really leaves them. 

Painting And Drawing

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Painting and drawing can also be a lot of fun for kids who like art. It’s a critical first step into the art world and something that all children should try at least once in their lives. 

Some art clubs are just a free-for-all. Kids do whatever comes to mind. But others have instructors who can teach children basic techniques that they can continue using throughout their lives. 


Kids naturally enjoy dancing. But, as a parent, you can also hone their skills by taking them to dance class.  

Dance is great for all sorts of reasons. It helps energetic children burn off steam, it enhances strength, and it boosts coordination. What’s more, the positive effects of dance tend to stay with the body long-term. Those who do it in regularly over a long time period tend to be healthier and more robust than those who don’t. 

Rock Climbing

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Rock climbing is one of the most rewarding, yet specialised, activities out there. Most climbing clubs meet at indoor venues and practice their skills, using artificial climbing walls. However, some also take field trips to local climbing venues where people can practice their skills. 


Kids might also want to learn a language they don’t cover in classes at school. Most schools teach French and German - as is traditional. But many parents also now want their kids to understand so-called “world” languages, like Mandarin and Spanish. 

Learning a language can be a lot of fun. Plus, it assists with cognitive development. Children who learn two or more languages tend to have higher brain power and more successful lives. 


Imagine coming home to a dinner that your kids have prepared for you? It sounds impossible, right? Well, actually, it’s easier than you think when you teach your children the skill of cooking. 

Cookery classes start with the basics - such as how to prepare a simple meal. But they can also cover other critical topics, including nutrition and meal planning. Children learn basic skills that allow them to successfully navigate the kitchen at a later date. 

Martial Arts

Lastly, if your child struggles with confidence, you may want to enrol them in martial arts. It helps with discipline and comes with the nice side benefit that children can defend themselves if they get into trouble.Unsplash - CC0 Licensedancedancedance

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