Getting outdoors as a family with Very

We've collaborated with Very to help try and encourage people and families to get outdoors more. As a family of 6, we try our best to go outdoors, whether it's a day out or just a walk down to some fields nearby. We're very lucky to have such amazing places to visit in North Wales. As a child, I was always outside, and have so many memories of days out with my Dad and brother. I'd love my own kids to grow up and remember all the day outings we've had. 

Being outside, in the fresh air, has so many benefits for children and adults physically and mentally. Nature is beautiful and helps improve your mood and even helps boost the immune system too. Being outside can also help relieve stress. We all get stressed from time to time, or as parents - most days. Just having a change of scenery, moving your body, and concentrating your mind on something else by being outside, is a great way to relieve your stress.

It's also important for kids to be outdoors as it has its benefits for their physical and mental health too. Not only does being outside help tire them out for bedtime, it also gets them out exercising, helps their motor skills, improves their social skills, and lets them relieve any stress or worries they may have also. 

Very have a great outdoor selection from waterproof boots to waterproof jackets. Whether you are into running, walking, hiking, or cycling, you'll find something for all activities, for all ages. There's a wide range of different brands to choose from such as The North Face, Berghaus, Regatta, Adidas, and more. 

With a wide range of footwear for kids, for the girls, we decided to go for these Adidas shoes. For Elliw we went for a pink pair of adidas waterproof walking shoes. They are really comfortable on her feet and we're really impressed with the quality. As Elliw is slightly younger than the eldest, we can get away with choosing clothing/footwear for her that she will happily wear - she loved the fact that they were pink - her favourite colour. 

We decided to go for these black and white Adidas trainers for my eldest. As she is more difficult to buy for because of her age, I knew instantly she would love these trainers. They're a day-to-day trainer that can be worn comfortably for walking, or any other activity. She's been wearing them for her sports lessons at school too. 

The boys are the two that love being outdoors. They love muddy fields, puddles, and being out in all weathers. There's a wide variety to choose from, but we decided to choose waterproof walking boots for both boys. Both boots are Adidas, and again, fantastic quality. As Freddie is at the age he can start learning to close his laces, we decided to opt for a lace boots for him. As for the youngest, we decided for velcro closed boots. 

My partner went for the Regatta waterproof walking boots as he loved the style and the colours really stood out. Regatta is more on the affordable side, but they still have amazing high quality products. There's a wide range of Regatta products on Very to choose from for the whole family. 

I chose the Adidas Terrex Skychaser 2 Mid hiking boots. I wanted a boot that would help protect my ankle, as I am quite low on confidence since badly spraining both ankles a few years back. But I also wanted a gore-tex boot, as I go out on my walks in all kinds of weathers, so looking for a fully waterproof boot was a must have. 

There's a wide range of different coats and jackets for all sports and all weather type. We went for Regatta jackets for all the kids. As the weather is getting warmer, and a little less rain, we went for jackets that would keep them warm - but not too hot on the hot days, and something we could layer on a rain jacket on top if needed on a rainy day.

My partner went for an overhead The North Face jacket as he was looking for something that he could wear in all types weather. As a jacket it's not too thick to keep in a bag if needed, on a day out, just incase the rain comes. Whereas I opted for a Regatta waterproof jacket.

There's something for everyone at Very with their wide range of products for all ages.  

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