Slightly Different Foods Review

* We were kindly gifted some products in return for an honest review. All words, opinions, and images are entirely our own.

Slightly Different Foods is a small family run business that make a range of Award winning gut and IBS friendly store cupboard foods. All recipes have been created by Sonia Fox, who herself was diagnosed with IBS back in 2014 and has to follow a low FODMAP diet, and love home cooked and flavour packed food. Slightly Different Foods exclude all 14 of the major allergens in their ingredients. Their food are high quality, with no artificial preservatives, flavourings or colouring, lower in sugar and salt, free from animal-based ingredients and Gluten Free certified.

As someone who suffers from certain foods and has a partner who is gluten free, the Slightly Different Foods have been a godsend. As we love to home cook our food, it was refreshing to find sauces that were free from everything we needed and still taste absolutely delicious. 

Gluten Free ◉ Vegan Friendly ◉ Gut Friendly ◉ Plant Based ◉ Delicious!

There's a great variety to choose from on the website that will make some delicious family friendly meals. Even those who don't suffer from IBS will also enjoy, as they're super tasty and delicious. We've made many meals from the jars we have received. From Thai Green Curry, Tikka Masala, Pasta dishes, and much more. Each dish didn't disappoint. They were all full of taste and I have since been recommending them and will be purchasing more myself soon.


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