Getting Your Kids Away on a Family Holiday


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Summer is fast approaching, so chances are, you’re planning a little getway as a family across the summer holidays. This will be extremely exciting, but it does require planning and commitment. Come up with a budget of what you’re able to spend and then follow the areas of focus below to plan the perfect trip for you and your little ones.


Let’s start with one of the most exciting elements of planning a family holiday - choosing a location. The world is your oyster when it comes to travel at the moment. Sure, things may have been thrown off by the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic, but right now, most countries have their borders open. Make sure to check restrictions regarding Covid vaccinations and testing to make sure that you choose a location your entire family can visit and is comfortable with. There are a lot of holidays to choose from, from city breaks to ski holidays. Generally speaking, the option most favoured by most families is the beach holiday. This provides kids with fun in the sun, making sandcastles, rockpooling and more. You may want to head overseas or you may want to head to the coast of the country you live in.

Type of Accommodation

Next up, accommodation. There are countless ways to travel with your kids and you need to choose one that suits your budget and needs. A firm favourite among many families is the all inclusive break. This provides you with a chance for rest and relaxation. You don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning. Instead, you can focus on recuperation time and fun. Another popular option is caravan holidays like those you can find at This is lower cost and family friendly.


If this is your little one’s first time overseas, they may not have a passport yet. A passport will allow them to cross borders freely with you. Check restrictions are requirements in both your home country and the country you are visiting to determine at what age your child needs to have a passport and make sure to apply in good time so that it definitely arrives in time for your trip.


Depending on your chosen location, you may need to have your child vaccinated against illnesses and diseases that may not be found in your home country but are more common in the country that you are visiting. This will entirely depend on where you’re heading and what vaccinations your child has already had, so visit your doctor for more tailored advice and to get any required vaccinations booked in. Remember that vaccinations can take some time to work, so make sure to check in with your doctor sooner rather than later and make sure you know when is the best time to get vaccinated as a family.


If you’re spending time in a sunny location, make sure that you buy plenty of sunscreen for your little ones and that you make sure to top them up routinely throughout the day. Sunscreen is an important element of anyone’s routine when spending time in the sun, but you need to remember that your children are reliant on you to provide them with this protection. Choose the highest factor you can find. This is generally SPF 50, but you can find higher SPF protection for children from specialist brands. You may also want to consider waterproof sunscreen if your children are going to be spending time in the sea or the pool.

Water Safety

Speaking of the sea and pools, you need to make sure that you’re vigilant when your children are spending any time around bodies of water. Sure, it can be tempting to drift off on a sunlounger, but you need to be awake and watchful whenever your children are near water, especially if they’re not confident swimmers yet. Make sure to pack arm bands, floats and anything else your children may need to have a good time while away.


Make sure that you have a good luggage allowance for your family. You may also need to hire a taxi to take you to the airport, or you may be driving to your destination, so make sure there’s enough room for luggage here too.

As you can see, a lot is going to go into planning a break for your family. Hopefully, some of the areas of focus above and the information provided will help you to make a better informed decision that will keep everyone happy!

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