Take Your Home Design To The Next Level With These Luxe Touches

 In recent years, our homes have evolved from places to spend time with family, eat and sleep into workspaces, exercise facilities and social spaces. The modern house needs to be functional and versatile but that doesn’t mean that you have to overlook aesthetics. To take your home design to the next level and add a luxe feel, here are some incredible ideas to consider.  

Create a spacious, open kitchen

Open-plan kitchens are highly sought-after, especially among buyers looking for a family home. Open rooms maximise every inch and they are also a brilliant way to bring families together and create more versatile living spaces. If you have a compact kitchen, it’s worth exploring possibilities, such as changing the layout, knocking down a wall or an archway between the kitchen and a cloakroom, utility room or dining room or adding an extension. If you want to stay in your home for a long time, and you’re looking to add value, discuss ideas with reputable builders and get some quotes. Once you have decided what kind of structural adjustments are needed, you can turn your attention to the aesthetics. You might want to opt for a chic, modern kitchen with a minimalist theme and industrial accessories and lighting, or embrace a more traditional country-cottage trend, for example. Explore ideas that suit your taste and the style of your home. 

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Add a home cinema

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room at home, or you’re thinking about ways to utilise guest rooms or extra reception rooms to boost functionality, why not consider a home cinema system? This is a brilliant use for a small bedroom or downstairs living space and it’s also a great option for guest rooms you use rarely. You can add a sofa bed or a daybed to your home cinema room to provide a place for visitors to stay overnight. Think of all the movie nights you could host for family and friends and the money you’ll save on going to the cinema and splashing out on drinks and snacks. 

Invest in a beautiful bath

Nothing screams luxury like a decadent bath. If you’ve fallen in love with a boutique hotel, or you long to escape to a restful retreat and enjoy a long, hot soak in the tub at the end of a busy day, investing in a beautiful bath is a simple way to add instant impact. There’s a dazzling array of styles and designs to choose from, including modern, freestanding tubs, vintage-style roll-top baths and corner baths. For a serene spa theme, add a bath shelf with candles and scatter plants around the room. For a 5-star hotel or a sophisticated loft apartment vibe, you could add a TV screen or a wall-mounted fish tank. 

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Add a garden room

Garden rooms have become increasingly popular since the pandemic. As more and more of us work from home, garden rooms offer a fabulous way to create extra living space. They also add value to properties and increase saleability. The beauty of a garden room or a log cabin or summerhouse is that they can be used for all kinds of purposes. You could open your own bar in the garden, create a gym or an exercise studio, set up a quiet, smart office or get creative in an art or crafting studio. Explore design ideas, get quotes and measure your garden carefully before you sign any contracts or spend any money. 

Go big on the bed

Large, inviting beds are a staple of opulent resorts and hotels and they can inject serious style into bedrooms. If you’ve got space for a bigger bed in your bedroom, going big is guaranteed to give the room a luxe feel. You’ll also have more space to sleep, especially if you’re used to sharing with children or pets. If you don’t want to replace your mattress or spend a fortune on a bigger mattress, you can create a focal point with a stunning bedhead or a four-poster frame. It’s always beneficial to explore ideas before you decide what to do with your bedroom. Take inspiration from places you’ve visited or stayed, peruse social media feeds and interior design magazines and use ideas to create a mood board for your room. 

Make a statement with standout features

Enhancing your interiors doesn’t have to involve decorating the whole house or breaking the bank. One simple, affordable way to create a luxe feel and elevate your interiors is to make a statement with standout features. In each room, create a new focal point. There are all kinds of ways to do this including using oversized mirrors or eye-catching wall art, making a feature of your fireplace or adding a distinctive piece of furniture. This may be an ornate chaise longue in a vintage Parisian boudoir or a sumptuous corner sofa in a contemporary living room, for example. If you have items in mind, it’s a fantastic idea to search online and to visit reclamation and salvage yards, antique stores and vintage shops. You can pick up incredible pieces ranging from mirrors and pictures to cabinets, couches and bathtubs. Upcycling is an excellent way to reduce waste and save money. Online auction sites are a treasure trove for second-hand items that have plenty of life left in them. 

Image from https://www.pexels.com/photo/interior-design-of-bedroom-with-plants-as-wallpaper-8135301/

Do you ever visit hotels or trendy bars and restaurants or scroll through social media and wish your home was a little more luxurious? Most of us dream of having a beautiful home, but it’s not always easy to add an air of opulence without blowing the budget. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to elevate your interiors. There are multiple ways you can make your home more luxurious, including creating open-plan living spaces, adding a cinema room and using a garden room to maximise outdoor space. You could also look into replacing your tub with a beautiful new bath or buying a bigger bed or a new bedhead or stand. If you’re looking for easy, affordable options, making a statement with one standout feature in every room will save you time, effort and money.

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